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Category: 145cm

Elina Sexy Fit Body

Elina is a Sexdoll from DOll4ever, a 145cm Fit series. As for the similar models in 155cm and 165cm, we find the quality of manufacture of the brand and especially […]

Pin-Up Dream

Shannon is a young star, a new Doll For Ever 145cm 4ft7 F Cup. She’s beautiful and I don’t think any of you can say otherwise. She has large green […]

Sili Doll Special BF Suriwaai

Yes Guys, this is special BLACK FRIDAY LUXURY CUSTOM SURIWAAI™ 145 cm!! I don’t know if there will be any left as I write these words. But SiliDoll is doing […]

Sex Dolls Lesbian Play

It’s not very common to have the chance to watch two dolls together make a big hug… Especially when it comes to 2 SiliDoll’s dolls. Sukiwaai (169cm) and Suriwaai (145cm) […]

Sili Doll New Signature Series

This new Signature Series from the SURIWAAI model of SILI Doll is fully USA assembled – ships from California, with skin processing and  makeup and cosmetic design by hand Each new order is hand […]

Sexy asian small boobs lady

This is the WM DOlls 145cm/4ft9 C Cup already shown on: Just an overalls to unveil her little chest. This time, you can see her with asian head #85. This […]

WM Dolls 145cm C cup new body

I present you the new WM Dolls 145cm/4ft9 C cup body, here with #33 head. Specifications of the new small breasts body: Bust: 72cm – 28in Waist: 51cm – 20in […]

New Sili Doll 145cm Suriwaai

Sili Doll is know to create some softness Korean TPE Dolls. You knew Suki (Huge review with pics and vids of Suki from SILI Doll), Suri (New Suri from SILI […]

Dress in jeans, cap and sneaker

This is the WM DOLLS 145cm/4ft9″ with #169 head.  This is not a new model, but a new combination with this smiling face. The doll is light  (63.3 lbs) and […]

New Sanhui 4’8 (145cm) jiggle vids

DollStudio ( released new video on TDF abouth The Sanhui 145cm (4’8). This doll is a silicone doll. She weights 25 kg, with Body measurements 2’5 (74 cm) for breasts,  19″ (49 cm) […]

New head #35 from Z-Onedoll (videos)

Cool great news from Z-OneDoll with this news: #35 head for the 4’7″ (145cm) body. I introduced you this body on the previous post: New Z-onedoll 145cm model with A26 Face The […]

Sanhui video reviews of 145 and 165plus

Two excellent new vids from DollTo, a US distributor of DS, Sanhui, and Dollhouse 168, on YouTube about Sanhui dolls: The 4’9” (145cm) and 5’5” (165cm). These dolls are both made with […]

New Z-onedoll 145cm model with A26 Face

The new Z-onedoll 145cm model is a silicone doll with extra options, human size and light weight. The 145cm model specifications: Bust*band*waist*hip(cm): 75*58*53*72; Shoulder(cm): 34cm; Arms: 61cm Legs: 69cm Feet: […]

New 145cm Doll from BeautifullDolls

Today we just saw this pretty silicone girl and can’t wait to show you guys. Take a look. She is a 145cm doll and 3 openings (Vagina, anus and oral). […]