NEW Sexy Piper Doll Ariel

Ariel is the new Piper Doll 140cm / 4ft6.

Ariel is a beautiful little doll with a dream body. Her pretty pair of breasts and her slim waist give her a pin-up look.

She has charming blue eyes behind her glasses. And her blue-grey hair gives her a very exciting little naughty look.

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JYDoll 140cm Huge Breast Doll

Is it the perfect doll?… This is the New 140cm/5ft6 body from JY Doll with great specifications.

She is very light (22.3kg –  49.16 lbs.), she has a chest of madness, and she is beautiful with her white skin. She looks like a magic fairy.
JY Doll probably did a great model. Then looking at the quality, and given the price, I think she’s going to be a big success.
Personally, I don’t like big nipples, but it must be possible to order it without that…

I thank Micofm for telling me about her.

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Striptease Cooking Session… Pics and Video

She decided to prepare the cakes to taste it, but in her own way…
This YL Doll 140cm/4ft7 N Cup with #118 head is a gourmand and loves to cook for her guests.

Today, she wants to make delicious chocolate cookies. But she feels that you want her… and that excites her a lot. That’s all it takes for her to offer you a striptease cooking session….

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YL Doll 140cm / 4ft7 N Cup Aki

I introduced Yukina (New pics of Yukina, Huge Boobs Doll, NEW YL Doll 140cm with NEW head Yukina (#76)), Betty (Big Tits Betty) and Rania (Pics and video of the huge boobs Rania)…

Today, this is Aki!… and it’s my favorite….
God, this body is awesome. I love it!
A little doll, ultra sexy, Huge Boobs (N Cup), super light, a great choice. In this new video, you will be able to see the flexibility of her breast, her very thin hips and her small well rounded ass.

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New pics of Yukina, Huge Boobs Doll

I showed you Yukina in brunette – NEW YL Doll 140cm with NEW head Yukina (#76) –  and well now you can see this beautiful doll with big breasts in blonde.

This new #76 Asian face looks great on him. And she’s super exciting. And as you didn’t see her naked, you’ll be able to enjoy this post!…

The positions are very suggestive, prepare to be well stimulated.

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YL Doll 140cm/4ft6 N Cup with #50 head

Big Tits Betty

Betty is a new YL DOLL 140cm/4ft6 N Cup with #50 head.

Betty is a natural woman and proud of her forms. She likes her big tits. She is not very tall, but always the right size to offer all the pleasures to her partner.

This new doll star will probably seduce you with her curly hair and pretty green eyes.

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Pics and video of the huge boobs Rania

Rania is an YL DOLL 140cm / 4ft6 N Cup with #188 head

She’s very hot and only wants one thing… I think you get it!
She went down to the basement because she likes to fuck all over the house. she likes to walk around naked and be wildly taken from behind

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