NEW YL Doll 140cm with NEW head Yukina (#76)

Hey It’s so cool to present you a NEW Doll from YL Doll, especially  an Huge Boobs Doll.

This is the new YL Doll 140cm/4ft3 N cup, here with a NEW #76 Head called Yukina. I love this name. She has dream dimensions for those like me who love strong breasts: 90cm – 35.4in / 45.5cm – 17.9in / 80cm – 31.5in
Plus she only weighs 27.8Kg – 61.3lbs…..

And Last but not Least.. You can watch her on video!!!

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The Lily of Max


Max wanted to buy a 140 cm D Cup breast with head #59 (Blink eyes). He is a nice follower of RealDollAddict Blog. When he ordered his baby, he contacted me to know if i could help him to support the delay… and the stress. He also wanted me to reassure him on the dealer.

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Sexy babe on white sand


The 4’7” (140cm) D-Cup (Big breast) is one of the best seller of WM DOLLS. I wrote some many posts about her and her sexy body with her bouncing tits…. And with this #134 new head, she’s VERRRRRY sexy on these pics…

I showed this new #134 head with the 156cm body, but for me it’s better with this body.

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Comparison of #36 head with 2 bodies from WM DOLLS

153cm with #36 head  (7)

You could see the head #36 with 140cm and 153cm bodies. This two new series show the perfect combination of this head with this two bodies.

The head seems not to be too large for the smallest and not too narrow for the 153cm.

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Wm Dolls 140cm small breast with #58 head new photos


SHE’S SO SEXY!!!!!!!… I love her. We have already seen this head with the 155cm big boobs body or the D-Cup 165cm body. Don’t like small breast, but what a naughty series with this #56 head.

Small denim shorts, high heels, pink bra and bottom with white suspenders, green eyes, large pink mouth and long blond hair…. OMG, a very exciting bimbo doll!

This is the WM DOLLS 140cm small breast with #56 head new photo . Have fun!

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WM DOLLS 140cm small breast with #46 head new photo


The #46 head is most often proposed with the 155cm model. But WM DOLLS made a special mix and offered some nice pics with the 140cm small breast body.

For me the proposals seem correct and I always liked it very nasty face on the higher model (and big boobs too 😉

You could see some pics on the gallery below:

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New set of small breast 140cm with white suspender pantyhose


Today a new set of small breast 140cm with white suspender pantyhose, and the #59 head.

This head is one of closed eyes head from WM Dolls. The other closed eyes head is the #39:

image5 (1)

I published a recent article about Do you like small breast?  in wich you can see other pics with this closed eyes head and small breast body.

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