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Category: Height

Sinoko, a freshly arrived sexdoll

She’s brunette, she’s just 21, and yet she looks like she’s melancholy. She has a pale complexion, with skin that’s almost too white, skin that’s never met the sun. And […]

Saya gives you more!

Saya is an Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm plus. And “more” is important. I would even say more is decisive! 2 different versions for the same size This model of Irontech […]

My Favorite Sex Doll

Yeah, it’s clearly my favorite Sex Doll. So today I indulged myself again. And for many of you, it’s definitely yours. I can’t resist to show it to you as […]

6YE 159cm-J-Cup-Silicone-Head-Amor-H-Hermina-7-1.jpg

Two Busty Asian Girls

I knew you’d like this title, and what I’m about to show you will… 6Ye is a manufacturer of rather realistic sexdolls.Their sex dolls tend to be very close to […]

The Sexy Biker was a Sex Doll

It’s always good to get some exercise and fresh air… especially in these times of confinement and isolation. You need to clear your head and relax and forget about everything. […]

A pretty Asian girl for the evening

It’s so nice to always have a little snack before dinner. Some people call it an aperitif… You’re probably wondering what I’m referring to? Well it’s about this AF Doll […]

Huge Boobs Mega Star

How will you resist? Are you ready to see what you’re about to see?I know I’ve already shown it to you, and you’ve all fallen in love with it! She […]

A sexdoll, nurse at home

Tribute must be paid to the caregivers who worked so hard to save many of us. The nurses made a great effort during this crisis. It is time to give […]

The blonde and the redhead

I propose you to live one of your dreams, and if it is not one, it will be a very pleasant moment.Why is that? Because I’m going to present you […]

WM Dolls support our troops

We must support our troops who fight every day for our land, for our freedom, for our values. On this weekend of remembrance, it’s even more important. And Sex Dolls […]

A little sex doll to crunch

I’m not a fan of sexdolls under five feet. I don’t find them practical and sometimes they tend to be unhealthy… There is no ambiguity and I refuse to promote […]

Sex Doll in Electric Blue

You know this sex doll if you follow the blog, and I thank you for it. It’s a 6YE sex doll. Always very well made with very beautiful, this sex […]

High Heels and White Dress

She’s an immaculate beauty. It’s a sex doll from WM Dolls. It’s a WM Dolls 5ft5 165cm D cup with face #85.It’s also an angel come from heaven to caress […]

The 5 videos of the Sex Doll Sarah

Sarah is an Irontech Sex Doll, which measures 5ft2 159cm. This is not the first time that I show you this model that really deserves attention.Sarah is a beautiful young […]