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Category: Height

A brand new model of WM Dolls

And I think we’re not done talking about it yet, because WM Dolls is probably releasing another best seller… The WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup. This new sex doll […]

The Dark Side Of Saloons

Deep in the American West, stories of cowboys, cattle rustlers and farm raiders have always been told. But very little has been told of the stories of these women, who […]

A super natural sex doll

A small news to be discovered today with this sex doll of SEDOLL, which has some assets to give you desire to cross the step if it is not already […]

Tall Sex Doll to have fun with

WM Dolls has been producing for some time one of the biggest sex dolls on the market: The WM Dolls 5ft7 172cm D cup. Attention, once again, it should not […]

Big Boobs Asian Girls

You like big tits? … Well not too big either… You like asians? Yes, but a bit westernized… Well, I’ve got just the thing for you:The JY Doll 5ft2 161cm […]

A brand new sex doll from WM Dolls

WM Dolls offers us a new sex doll: the 5ft4 164cm G cupThis new sex doll is therefore of an intermediate size and seems to correspond to a trend of […]

Discovery of a pretty sex doll

Yes it’s quite surprising, because this sex doll is not new, it came out at the end of 2019. And I don’t really know why she wasn’t known to me.In […]

Yael, the two colors of love

Why are black and white opposed? Why do these two shades always have to be at war?This fight is ridiculous and useless. Today we are going to reconcile everyone and […]

A home care nurse

I think I found the ideal sex doll to heal all your little boo-boos at home, without moving. It will be completely dedicated to you and you can be pampered […]

Small Boobs SexDolls For Fans

HR Doll has created two models of 158cm or 5 feet and 18 inches. These two models have their respective little successes, and I confess here that I have shown […]

The French cougar with big tits

How nice to hear from France, especially when it’s a brand new face created by Dolls France.Dolls France had the good idea to associate to this new head the body […]

A brand new mini sex doll from SEDOLL

I guess it’s the fashion for little sex dolls. It is clear that with the current crisis, the increase in transport costs and some transporters who for opaque reasons no […]

Outdoor Sex Dolls

I remember the words of my friend Dracowolf, who doesn’t care about people’s opinions and who lives his relationship with his sex dolls the way he wants to. And I […]