RDA Best Doll Award 2017 – Results


First of all I would like to thank you for your votes, more than 1000 in the categories in this new 2107 Best Doll Awards. Last Year, we celebrated the victory of the “CLM 160” in RDA Best Doll Awards 2016

For the first time, there are three winners: “Huge Boobs”, “Big Boobs” and “Medium and Small boobs”.

I let you discover them below… And The Winners are…

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The world’s most high-end sex dolls are on display in Japan

What a kind of title!

I’m a great marketer now?… not really.

This title is the title of  excellent article of New.com.au, au australian newspaper.

The journalist talk about Orient Industry’ Sex Dolls presented at the exhibition in the Vanilla Gallery.


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New photoshoot of RealDoll from Robert Benson

BOINGBOING added a short article, which presents the work of Robert Benson. This great photographer made a photoshoot of RealDoll in Cal.

sex dolls   Boing Boing.png

The BoingBoing Article: http://boingboing.net/2016/02/23/inside-a-sex-doll-factory.html

Robert Benson’s Sex Doll Portrait: http://robertbenson.com/filter/portraits/Sex-Dolls


An exhibition starring a sex doll

Turkish artist Lale Tara uses a sex doll to represent characters from Western literature

An exhibition starring a sex doll  Arts News   Top Stories   The Straits Times


Custom-made Lindsey Wixson doll MODOLL is world’s first 3D printed ‘supermodel’

ModollDo you know the MODOLL Project?

A collaboration between photographers Santiago & Mauricio, the Society Management, AY Collective, and 3D technology studio Fauxgraph, among others, has led to the creation of a 20-inch 3D printed doll based off the real-life American supermodel Lindsey Wixson.

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Some new photos from AAE Asia Adult Exhibition in Hong Kong

AAE Asia Adult Exhibition in Hong Kong
is a great show with many Sex Toys Industry Exhibitors. You can see the last products series and touch them or… try them!

I offer you today some pictures of this show, taken from a Baidu forum I suggest you go check…

The Slideshow:

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AAE 2015 – Asia Adult Expo 2015


With 49 countries, over 4 billion population, Asia has advantages in globalization international industrial transfer.
Naturally it becomes the sourcing ground for importers around the world.
Now, World products are made and sold through the Asia. Adult product is not exceptional.
The estimated sales volume of adult products in Asia is estimated to be billions of US dollars every year.
It is a promising market for innovative and quality items.

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