Z OneDoll 138cm with A28 head


The Z One Doll 138cm is a “splendid” body. I’m really fan. I already showed you some great pics series like: Little asian waitress is a sexy gift or Do you like my butt?

This is a new series with the Asian A28 head (previous posts: Three Z-Onedoll Silicone dolls OffersNew Z-OneDoll A28 head with 150cm body, pics and BIG exclusive promo!)

And if you want to buy this new doll, i offered you a special offer below.

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Punish me…


Oh NOOOOOOOOOO…. i don’t want to punish you.. You’re so beautiful my darling! You’re perfect: High heels, big boobs, leather corset and naughty garter belt… What else could I ask for?

My lovely readers…. Don’t miss this doll and this new pics gallery….

The Z One Doll 151cm with A35 head is perfect for me (video on the previous post: New Z OneDoll 4’11” (151cm) with A39 head)


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