Two dolls for a threesome ($1,300 OFF)


This is the first offer with  two dolls: The  threesome package!

In the package, you can have two silicone dolls from Z-OneDoll: 160 cm (dark hair)  and 162 cm (blonde hair).

And the best is that after placing your order, you can reach out to the shop to provide customization details of the second doll.

And the price is crazy:$2,299… $1,300 OFF

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111 cm (3’6 ft) Z-Onedoll Silicone Sex Doll jut for $999


A silicone doll just $999.. You don’t believe me?…

Z-OneDoll decided to reduce the price of this 111cm – 3ft6″ little doll with big breast and get a price under the $1,000…just under 😉

You can read the presentation of this model in the previous post: Z-Onedoll 111cm is ready for order!

This offer is special and limited in the time…

logo_664cec6a-5d89-4c77-80e2-bd81060fa9ac_1024x1024 (1).png

111 cm (3’6 ft) New Z-Onedoll Head #30 Silicone Sex Doll just of $999



The 3’6 ft Z-OneDoll Small or Big Breast?


Z-OneDoll released two new small models (3’6″) with small and medium tits… and new head #38. These new silicone sex dolls are fully articulated with a reasonable price: $1,200

Heat and Sound Options are available. But sound doesn’t allow oral capability.

Her specs are:

  • Bust: 25’1 (64cm)
  • Waist: 15’3 (39cm)
  • Hip:25’5 (65cm)
  • Weight: 42lb (17kg)
  • Fixed vagina

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New head #35 from Z-Onedoll (videos)


Cool great news from Z-OneDoll with this news: #35 head for the 4’7″ (145cm) body. I introduced you this body on the previous post: New Z-onedoll 145cm model with A26 Face

The specs of this 145cm body are:

  • Model: 145 (4’7)
  • Bust*Band*Waist*Hip: 75*58*53*72
  • Shoulder: 34
  • Arms: 61
  • Legs: 69
  • Feet: 19
  • Weight: 29 lbs

This new caucasian head is beautiful, especially the shape of eyes, and sexy lips!!!

My Partner shared Mike Lee’s video of this new head on their YouTube Channel. I added below new vid by Mike Lee of the 160cm body with same new head.

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