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Category: YLDoll

French Naughty Teacher

I went to France for my last vacation and I really liked the French girls. So I decided to take some classes to better master the language. I chose to […]

Aisha, Oriental Huge Butt BBW

Aisha is a beautiful oriental girl, an YL Doll 146cm 4ft9 BBW She’s not very tall but she’s ultra sexy. She’s a BBW with a big fat ass and huge […]

Video Of The Big Boob Bunny

I have to tell you about that evening spent with a bunny. She was a YL Doll 157cm 5ft2 with pointed breasts. She served me champagne all evening. She excited […]

YL DOLL 157CM H201

Halloween is the season of demons. We can see it in the world…. Well, it’s the same in our Sex Dolls world. They are there. They’re evil. They bewitch us. […]

Video Of Elf Bella’s New Head

Bella is an YL Doll 5ft2 157cm with latest head #286. Bella is a magical creature from the forest. She’s an elf with infinite powers. Her face is thin and […]

Sonia, Hot American Woman

Sonya is a young American girl, an YL Doll 157cm / 5ft2 who lives in the southern United States. She was born in the middle of the great plains and […]

NSFW: Huge Boos Fingering Herself

OMG…. You guys are going to go crazy! This well-known YL Doll 160cm / 5ft3 M Cup has a huge boobs and a beautiful body, we knew it…. I hesitated […]

Puffy Nipples Naked On The Bar

Is she perfect? She’s blonde with blue eyes. She has Big boobs and a great little ass molded into a tiny little denim shorts. She’s super hot with her puffy […]

Huge Butt Stéphanie Is Back

Stéphanie is a little woman , not a midget like 80 Pics of Tan Skin Tone Hugest Ass Torso This 4ft8  – 146cm doll is not new and you have […]

Aisha Is Naked

I have already introduced you to Aisha… that I had rather identified as oriental with this new face #271.: New YL Doll 157cm with new face Aisha… while some of […]

Biggest Butt Torso Naked (82 pics)

Everyone is waiting for this series of 82 nude photos from YL Doll’s latest torso, which claims the biggest ass! This torso has a tanned skin tone and face #176, […]

New Torso with Hugest BUTT

Hey Guys … I’ve prepared a huge mega giga gallery of over 100 photos of YL Doll’s new torso, here with the #186 head. This torso boasts the biggest ass […]