New Vid and pics of Gigantic YLDoll 150


That’s it. I totally fall in love.

This new YL Doll 150 Huge boobs Body is my current best body. And when you see this video, you will share the same opinion as I do. OMG… This is a long vid – 4:43.

You have plenty of time to enjoy her body so exciting, her huge breasts, her gracefully drawn hips, and her ass ….

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Tania, Real Ultra Big Breast Doll


YLDOLL is starting this new year 2017 with a bomb: The Huge Boobs YLDoll 150 This crazy body has one of the dolls biggest boobs in the world.

And they are very smart, because it’s the best time to sell this huge breast body… and they offer on TDF the pics gallery with your favorite head (see below for the link). This new series is with the Lorie Head

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Huge Boobs YL 150 by Tootsie: the queen of tits


Tootsie is the BOSS of the Dolls World. He’s a senior member on TDF and great guy!

You can read many reviews of him in this blog and this one is one of the best: The all-new Huge Boobs YLDoll 150cm (4’9).

And with his review, he offered us two pics galleries and a fantastic jiggliing vid: this is christmas or not?


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New YL Doll Giant boobs


We proudly present our new 150 cm body with huuuuuge boobs! We really hope that we will make many of you happy with this new model. It took us long, but she is finally here!

YLDoll decided to create a monster breast doll. And it’s a good news!… After the K-Cup of WM Dolls and the H-Cup from OR Doll, now you can order this fantastic K/L Cup.

This a new 59 inches body between the 58 inches (148cm) and the 61 in (155cm)

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