NEW YL Doll 140cm with NEW head Yukina (#76)

Hey It’s so cool to present you a NEW Doll from YL Doll, especially  an Huge Boobs Doll.

This is the new YL Doll 140cm/4ft3 N cup, here with a NEW #76 Head called Yukina. I love this name. She has dream dimensions for those like me who love strong breasts: 90cm – 35.4in / 45.5cm – 17.9in / 80cm – 31.5in
Plus she only weighs 27.8Kg – 61.3lbs…..

And Last but not Least.. You can watch her on video!!!

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YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 with #186 head

This is the third post with the  the YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 D Cup with #186 head after Big Ass for Black Bimbo  and Naked with a boa scarf, and I remain amazed by the possibilities offered by these dolls to always be very different.

With a few different wigs, a little make-up and a special atmosphere, your doll can become what you want when you expect it.

So I invite you to see it with this new series of very erotic, even very romantic photos of the YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 D Cup with brown eyes and blond wig… Continue reading

Emily pulls out the red

@Micofm is a really nice guy (I already told you) but he’s also an excellent photographer.

He had already done us the honour of distributing here his review and his first photographs (which he had offered at the TDF Forum, you will find the link at the bottom of this post) : Emily, The Bra Destroyer, an YL Doll torso based on the 150cm Huge boobs ( NEW YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso)

And he makes us the great joy to share with us his new pictures of his Huge Boobs Torso Doll with sexy red lingerie…
She’s beautiful and the attention to detail makes it even more sublime.

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The Hot CowGirl Kally

Kally  is an YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 with #118 head. She’s CowGirl. She roams the Southern Plains alone on her mare.

But today she wants a man, a real one!
And for that, she’ll do anything… to seduce him and drive him crazy.

This is the second time you can see this combo, and strangely enough I find them very different.
It’s possible that it’s the processing of the photos that gives me that impression…?

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YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso with #188 head

Two vids and a great pics gallery for this new huge boobs torso doll from YL Doll.

I already show this torso, based on the YL Doll 150cm/4ft11 O Cup with black skin tone: New YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso

You can see the model with a white skin ton body and #188 head

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New Yl Doll 170cm/5ft7 Rei pics

Now you know YL Doll 170cm/5ft7 Rei very well. You’ve already seen him in Rei Is back and she’s hungry and Pantyhosed doll Rei.
You know she’s bol and daring and she’s full of desire. She likes to please herself and be desirable. Her H cup Breast and her measurements plead for her and you won’t be able to resist her for long…

Look there in white lingerie and you’ll tell me what you think.

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Emily, The Bra Destroyer

Emily is  the new Doll of @Micofm. She’s an YL Doll torso based on the YL Doll 150cm Huge boobs you’ve seen in: NEW YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso
@Micofm is great guy and after he published a special thread on TDF: Emily, The Bra Destroyer – YL150cm TORSO Review, he contacted me to spontaneously share with you his review and photos on the blog. I thank him warmly for that. If you are interested, I strongly invite you to read his full review on TDF. The URL address is at the bottom of this post.

He also has a surprise for you in the coming days as he promised exclusive shots for the RDA Blog!

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