Dolly Dearest’ YLDoll 150cm Huge Boobs, Monster review with pics and vids


Dolly Dearest is new TDF Senior Member from Sweden. He’s a dolls lover, who bought the 3 best sellers: WM DOLL 140cm, Riley The WM DOLLS 100cm  and the new Huge Boobs YL DOLL 150cm.

He’s the author of the excellent photo stories in three parts. For each part, you can see pics with comments on TDF and Vid on YouTube. (Please Follow Dolly Dearest on Dolly Dearest’s YouTube Channel)

MANY Thanks to Dolly Dearest!

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New beautiful YLDoll 160cm



This is the Chinese New Year, But YL DOLL released, after the excellent YLDoll 150 Gigantic boobs (don’t miss New Vid and pics of Gigantic YLDoll 150 )a new best seller body: 160cm big boobs (63 inches)

I don’t have lot of info at this time, but you can see below a complete pics gallery and the first vid!

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