Rocky Bouncing Butt

Julia is nuts about music. Julia is an YL Doll 168cm / 5ft6 B Cup with #129 head.

She loves to take her guitar and have fun for hours. She can already see herself on stage playing her fiery riffs in front of crazy fans.

And she has everything to succeed, talent, a magnificent body and a lot of charisma. Her body, we know her well with her small breasts and her well rounded ass. Her hip size is larger than her chest size. She knows what to rely on.

And by the way, she’s going to show it to you.

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First Pics Of The New YL Doll 158cm Big Booty

And yes, that’s the trend for the end of 2018: fat BUTTT!
Many of us like it, just to be able to indulge ourselves by stroking or hitting them. It’s so good.

So YL Doll heard us and is finalizing the preparation of his new 158cm Big Booty. The measurements should be close to 120cm – 47.3 inches hip circumference and I think we should benefit from a K Cup for the boobs….

Only good things to come!

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Christmas With The Small Boobs Santa Girl

It’s almost Christmas… and I’ve already found some gift ideas for you: Huge Boobs Under The Christmas Tree (Video)

But you also have to think about the Santa Girl. And she has a lot of very naughty intentions. She wants to cover you with happiness but above all to make you enjoy pleasure!….

And especially when she’s the all-new YL Doll 168cm 5ft6 B Cup with the #188 Head
This sublime beauty with deep green eyes will make you have the best Christmas of your life.

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Huge Boobs Under The Christmas Tree (Video)

And guys, if you’re looking for a gift idea for this year….. I may have an idea for you. Here is a Christmas tree that you probably dreamed of….

This Christmas for adults, I will show you in pictures and video… with our mothers Noel, YL Doll 140cm 4ft11 N Cup... so much to say that is when things get heavy for those who like big breasts like me.

And you can have it under the tree, as on the pictures, with 20% discount with my partner and his coupon code: 20% OFF Storewide with coupon XMAS18

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NEW YL Doll 168cm 5ft6

This is the new YL Doll 168cm 5ft6 B Cup with small breasts. I already showed you this pretty doll in the previous post: Small Tits Later Bitch

She is tall and slim, mannequin size, very classy and does not weigh very heavy (36.4kg – 80lbs).

This pretty natural blonde with black eyes and a sporty look wears a small pink top and orange mini shorts… and I’m sure she won’t keep it for long.

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Small Tits Later Bitch

Last night, I decided to go out for a drink with some friends. We chose to change from our usual place and try other universes to get away from it all. We found a charming bar with many beautiful people.

The evening went very well, so well that it lasted much longer than expected. My friends left as I went along and I got closer to a beautiful brunette with whom I became friends.

These translucent green eyes and her very nice legs seduced me so much that we ended the evening together in a much more intimate place.

She was the latest YL Doll 168cm 5ft6 B Cup with the #201 head.

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Micofm RedBra for huge boobs

Micofm presents us a new series of pictures of her beautiful Emily dressed in a pretty red lingerie set.

Emily is an YL Doll torso based on a YL Doll 150cm O Cup (like my Olga)… so with huge breasts. My followers already know her well since Micofm had already made us happy with other series: White Lingerie for Emily or Emily, The Bra Destroyer

For those who would like to acquire this well-filled doll, there is currently a promotion by my partner SexyRealSexDolls at 1.499 USD instead of 1.700 (click on the link below).

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