YL 160cm Shael is an angel

Shea Brick-5

This 160cm (5’2) from YL Doll is clearly one of my favorites. I love big boobs. I have to buy it quickly. With this Shael’s Head, she’s so perfect…. like an angel.

Her measurements are:

  • Height Without Head: 143 cm (4f’7 ft) 
  • Upper Breasts: 98 cm (38.5 inch)
  • Under Breasts: 57cm (22.5 inch)
  • Waist: 58 cm (22.8 inch)
  • Hip: 103 cm (40.5 inch)
  • Weight: 39.5kg Without Head (87 lbs)

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Jungle Fever! Meet Nyomi! 160cm YL


@Tootsie is a big dolls fan and he sent me so many reviews of his dolls like: Tootsie’s YL DOLL 150cm Huge Boobs or Pandora is back and she’s jalous!

Today you can discover his new YL 160cm big boobs doll.

Hi there! I got my tax refund and guess what I spent it on? That’s right, the fabulous YL 160cm doll. I got the new Imani head and for the first time I decided to go for a black gf. I didn’t know if I would be happy with this decision but here are my thoughts on this doll.

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