Naked with just a wrap-over top

She’s just wearing a wrap-over top….

It’s always very complicated to find sexy clothes for her beautiful, especially when she has huge breasts like the WM Dolls 167cm / 5ft 5 inches N Cup (here with #205 head)
So why not choose simplicity?

These wrap-over skirt are fully stretchable and allow you to cover this generous chest while offering an attractive cleavage.

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New #210 head for Huge Boobs doll

Huge boobs, large hips, white wig, deep blue eyes and glasses… This WM Dolls 167cm/5ft5 is a sex bomb (Huge Boobs Red-Haired Doll)

This #210 head is really beautiful. Its fine lines, its well drawn mouth and its fine, perfectly proportioned nose give it class and elegance.

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Huge boobs Elf with deep blue eyes

Probably one of the sexiest photo series of the beginning of the year!!!!

The WM Dolls 167cm/5ft5 with Elf’s Head #154(First time on RDA Blog) is shown with a leather lace and neck collar… She’s wearing a totally transparent black bodysuit!…

I love her!

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WM 163cm H cup new body with #198 head

New pics series and… a VIDEO of the new big tits star of the internet. This WM Doll 163cm H cup new body is a large success.

The #198 head with this blond wig is a perfect choice for this curvy model…. and it’s such a good choice that it’s the one that caused the huge buzz on the internet: The WM Dolls 163cm H Cup is a star on internet

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NEW WM Dolls Torso L Cup Pics and vids

Yes it’s correct!.

You can see 2 new vids of the new huge boobs torso from WM Dolls. This new pics series and vids are with the new #223 head, which is a closed-eyes face. This lightweight torso is a sex bomb and you can see all details like her jiggling huge tits and bouncy butt.

This is the 85cm L Cup, you’ve seen it in Huge boobs Torso naked

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Huge Boobs Red-Haired Doll

The WM Dolls 167cm/5ft5 N Cup is one of my favorite dolls.

She has a beautiful body with a great chest, very slightly lower than my Olga (O Cup – Olga in videos…). Its well rounded buttock and its hips really make you want to…

This superb series of photos shows her with a red-haired wig and beautiful deep blue eyes.

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WM Dolls 163cm H Cup New pics and Video

The WM Dolls 163cm/5ft4 H Cup, AKA Shakira, is the undisputed star of sexdolls around the world. It triggered a huge buzz on the web, which allowed us to make our little world better known. Many people have become new fans of dolls.

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