New WM Dolls 148cm L Cup coming


This WM Dolls 148cm/4ft8 L cup is a new body.
You can see this model with #56 head, here for the first time with pics and vids… with clothes and nude!!

I think WM Dolls has chosen the right compromise with a lightweight and Huge boobs body

I have her first specs

  • Height:148cm – 4ft8
  • Bust: 94cm -37inches
  • Waist: 50cm -19.7inches
  • Hips: 80cm – 31.5inches
  • Weight: 29kg – 63.9lbs

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Sexy young cartoonist


This is a new pics series of the WM Dolls 165cm/5ft5 body with small tits (after Asian Fashionista). You can see her as a sexy young cartoonist playing with her pencil.

This lightweight and tall model is perfect with the #70 head, already seen in WM 168cm head 70 nude


  • Height: 165 cm – 5ft 5
  • Full Bust: 78cm  30.7 in
  • Waist: 53cm  20.8 in
  • Hips: 76cm – 29.9 in
  • Weight: 29.5kg  65 lbs.

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New #195 Head from WM Dolls


This #195 head is a whole new face created by WM Dolls. They choose the WM 156cm/5ft1 B cup body to show it for the first time.

This smiling American head with blond wig is beautiful. I think I’d pick it out with my next doll. I love light dimples.
Honestly, I wish he would have presented it with the 170cm M Cup.

Give me your opinion on this new face and if you order it, send me your photos and videos.

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Love is a gypsy child


Love is a gypsy child,
he has never heard of law.
If you don’t love me, I love you;
if I love you, look out for yourself!

Be careful, Carmen is a WM Doll 157cm/5ft2 B Cup with #162 head. But now she’s a modern girl with a denim short and sexy top…

I don’t know if you’ll find it clever, but adding roller skates to his doll, I think it’s great idea, even if it’s a lightweight doll!

As a reminder:

  • Height: 157cm  5ft 2 inch
  • Full Bust: 67cm  26.4 inch
  • Waist: 48cm  18.9 inch
  • Hips: 77cm  30.3 inch
  • Weight: 28kg  61.7 lbs.

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DollsClub is New German Partner on RDA


no-picture is a new German Partner of RDA.

DollsClub. de ist neuer deutscher Partner von RDA.

We will discuss to offer some great promo, particularly for German Followers, more than 430K views this year and the second country of origin this year!

Wir werden diskutieren, um einige großartige Promo-Aktionen anzubieten, besonders für deutsche Fans, mehr als 430.000 Besucher in diesem Jahr und das zweite Herkunftsland in diesem Jahr!

DollsClub offers 3D galleries to see your beauty on all the seams. They also have a stock of dolls ready to be sent.

DollsClub bietet 3D-Galerien, um Ihre Schönheit auf allen Nähten zu sehen. Sie haben auch einen Vorrat an Puppen bereit zu senden.

Sorry for the poor German translation… I just wanted to try….

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WM 157cm B cup with #162 head NUDE


You will love her… I know that! You have already seen the first part of this series of photos. : Sexy Small Boobs Student.

The new WM Dolls 157cm/ B Cup is really sexy.

Just to help you chose this body for your next purchase 😉 , this very lightweight model (61.7lbs for 5ft2….) has a small breasts with great hips (30.3 inches).

Discover the photoshoot in which she is totally naked

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