New curvy “Grande” babe


WM DOLL produce now a 170cm – 5’6″. This one of the tallest doll in the world with the ExDoll 170cm, the bodies C and D from RealDoll and Z-OneDoll 170cm.

This body is high, but with curvy shape like the 152cm Curvy body (don’t miss the #1 Video of the so sexy curvy body), big boobs and great butt…. this is the current trend 😉

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Pandora is back and she’s jalous!


Pandora is one of @Tootsie’s dolls. This TDF senior member is a lucky guy (and so nice too), because he has probably all the current best dolls: the YL Doll 155cm Big Butt, the WM Doll K-Cup (Pandora) and  the all-new YL Doll 150 Huge boobs 

And this last doll is the problem of Pandora… This new crazy huge boobies doll became the fav of Tootsie… Damn! She felt down.

But it’s not the last words of Pandora… She has many arguments…

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The lightweight and sexy solution?


WM DOLLS produce a new torso with details and nice shape (see previous post: New Wm Dolls Torso with arms). This new pics series with the #33 head can show all the interest to buy a torso. She’s pretty!

The possibility of bending the back thanks to the articulated body is super practical. and you could see that it’s sexy too 😉

Another big advantage  is the low price: $1,099 And I have a great deal for you right now, since you can have it for $899

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Big ass sex doll loves sport…


Are your ready to follow your new coach?

I presented you my favorite sport coach in Sexy Sports coach with BIG butt She was blond with the #93 head and same body, and sponsored by the “comma” brand…

Today, the “three-band” brand is on our 5’2 best seller with big butt and we get some sports! If you like this, you will sweat…


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