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Category: TPE

All Skin And Bones (UPDATED)

Super thin body from WM Dolls. I think it’s there is no other dolls with this shape. For those who don’t like the fat and curvy dolls (i love), this […]

New WM Dolls Huge Boobs Torso

This is the NEW WM Dolls 2ft10′ – 86cm torso with a huge rack: 47.2 inches / 120cm !!! Below you can see some pics with the #168 head. This […]

New Sili Doll 145cm Suriwaai

Sili Doll is know to create some softness Korean TPE Dolls. You knew Suki (Huge review with pics and vids of Suki from SILI Doll), Suri (New Suri from SILI […]

Small Breast Striptease

It’s a new pics series of the WM Dolls 150cm/4ft11 with #77 head after WM Doll 150cm B cup new body detail and New WM Doll 150cm B cup new body) The lightweight (50.7lbs) […]

YL Doll 148cm D Cup with #193 head

I showed you 3 vids (YL Doll 148 D Cup new vids) and several pics series (Allura is a Gothic Doll and New Vampire head… from YL Doll)of the YLDOLL 148 D […]

New JY Doll Fat Doll

Do You love the big bouncy butt??… JY Doll Too! The new JY DOLL 162cm/5ft4 H Cup has very large hips: 43.3inches. She’s a bit heavy, but it’s normal given its […]

The Josie’s big butt

Climax Doll Josie has a big ass… This 5ft1 body with her K Cup size breast and 42.1 inches  of hips for 23.8 inch of waist is really curvy. I […]

The blond MILF is smiling

Do you know why this blond MILF smiles ? This MILF is a WM Dolls 170cm H cup with #179 head. This is not a new face. You could see […]

WM 168cm head 70 nude

The WM Dolls 5ft6 / 168cm  body is very natural wit her E Cup size. This is a new pics series with same head and body: WM 168cm E Cup with […]

Look me in the eyes

Yes, look me in the eye. I’ll hypnotize you so that you become my thing. Me, i’m a WM 160cm B cup with #182 head and i’m ready to show you […]

New YL Doll 165cm with videos

This is the first photos session of the new YLDoll 5ft4 FF Cup (E Cup) . You will be able to see it through more than 50 photos and 3 […]

Casandra get Red Hair

Cassandra is the sexy famous Huge Boobs YL Doll 160cm/5ft2. Cassandra loves to change her look. And today, she decided to dye her hair in red. Cassandra wears a little gray tee […]

Climax Doll Darcy

Darcy is the Climax Doll whole new body, with a height of 155cm / 5’1 and a big ass (hips: 107cm / 42.1 inches). A 5ft1 tall doll as Amanda, […]