New Sanhui Huge Boobs 165cm …


Great news on TDF: Sanhui will produce a new 165cm … R Cup!!!

Sanhui is finally able to re-log-in the forum! The past months’ log-in had been extremely difficult probably due to cyber control by gov here in this country. During this critical period, Sanhui Team has been unceasingly working towards better products to recipricate all supports from doll lovers~ These advancements include but not restricted to new models, upgrade to textured skin on almost all models, new heads, more flexible and durable skeleton, standing feet, customizable size of orifices etc. Above all, business is expanding thus Sanhui Studio and factory are expanding and to move to a new site/address :wink: Thanks for continuing supports for the team!

Hereby release photos of R-cup babe whose boobs are gel implant-jiggly from Shanghai Expo and modified version of Elfie is to come in an individual post~

You could see below the pics added on the TDF thread and the link to pick up more info.

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Sanhui video reviews of 145 and 165plus

Two excellent new vids from DollTo, a US distributor of DS, Sanhui, and Dollhouse 168, on YouTube about Sanhui dolls: The 4’9” (145cm) and 5’5” (165cm).

These dolls are both made with a medical grade platinum cured silicone imported from Japan. There exist two model of the 4’9” doll with normal and C- Cup.

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Huge Sanhui bodies comparison


Sanhui begun a new thread on TDF to compare there bodies:

160 VS 165 VS 165_PLUS

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this is too much, coz I have posted quite some topics recently, but I got something new to show you, which I think is really awesome!! It’s about our new 165(with bigger breasts and a little something special), I decided to call her the 165_PLUS.

She gets bigger breasts than the original 165, which I will show in the pictures below.

I wrote a post about this great body on: New 165cm silicone girl from Sanhui

She also gets this pore thing on her skin, which makes it feel more real, more close to human skin, thanks to our talented artists for this really wonderful idea, you guys can’t feel this, I just did, it’s so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, enough talk, let’s get started.

Kimi from SANHUI Sex Dolls.

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New SANHUI 90cm Japanese Anime Style Sex doll released

IMG_3262I really like the Sanhui’s little dolls, even if i’m not fan of less than 1 meter dolls.

Sanhui announce on TDF that they released a new 90cm with a Japan Anime Face. It’s the first time for Sanhui (you can see the actual face and body on video below).

Taken From TDF Thread:

This is Kimi from SANHUI Expo, I have just arrived at the hotel, it has been a really long day for us. I can’t feel my leg now, I have been standing up almost the whole day. There are too many people interested in SANHUI dolls, they kept asking different kinds of questions. It’s really hard for me to even take a 5 minutes break.

But it’s always good to know that SANHUI is popular, Lol. Also I want you guys to know that besides the new 160, we also released a new 90cm doll. She comes in two kinds of faces, and they are something that SANHUI has never made before, haha. They are Japanese anime type, they are quite popular today.
FYI, she has began her pre-sale now, for the first 30, we will provide a discount on her, but about the details, I am still not sure, waiting for my manager to finally make the decision. Have a nice day, guys, let me show you some pictures of her first.

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