Jiggle vids from RealDoll


I presented you the “sublime” Realdoll Body F on thsi previous withe fantastic combo Fae T and Body F: New RD2 preview, “Tanya” and 20% OFF on Black Friday

Abyss posted this two new vids about the body F: jiggle tits 1 and body F jiglle on the Jake Wierson’s Vime Account. You can see them below.

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New RD2 preview, “Tanya” and 20% OFF on Black Friday


Tanya is the new big breasts (F-Cup) model by RealDoll Silicone. Her Price is $6999 (with config as shown on the picture above). You could see pics, measurements and links on details below….. {with a new update on 11/24}

Joe from RealDoll has announced this new fantastic creation:

We are proud to introduce you to our newest RD2 creation to celebrate our 20th anniversary “Tanya Config 1”. Tanya features our new RD2 Body F & Face T. I’ve attached some photos to this thread. Tanya will be available for order as part of our upcoming special starting on Friday which is 20% off all RealDoll products, if you have any questions let me know. Use promo code “20OFF” when checking out to get the special price.


ps.. Would like to point out that Tanya has our new hand painted acrylic eyes.

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New BT5 Hybrid – Sai Config 2 (Photos)


RealDoll announced a new Say Configuration in their Hybrid Dolls series.


Realdoll give us some good arguments with their hybride solution: a mix between RD2, Wicked Dolls and BoyToy dolls.

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RealDoll Classic Retirement… Special Offers


The RealDoll Classic series is at end of life, and RealDoll decided to offer a special promotion for its retirement.

But RealDoll do things well (limit perfect)…

$1000 OFF on all classic dolls

and ALL classic faces for $400

RDC_Stephanie_C1_10If i made the good calculation, you can have Stephanie:

Body 5 (E Cup) just for $4499!!!!

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New RealDoll Oral Simulator and Realcock2 vid


brooklyn_rd2_config2_11For long time, i’m a big fan of the Realdoll Products, especially the Body D with 36DD cup.

The quality of RD2, details and overall sensuality of this model in my opinion surpasses all competitors. Obviously, this has a price, and it is often reserved for more wealthy…

But few days ago, Realdoll announced the new Oral Simulator :

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Abyss ReallDoll On Instagram

Real Doll   abyssrealdoll  • Instagram photos and videos2
Abyss ReallDoll has opened an account on Instagram. After they created the Facebook page, they decided to continue there maketing operations with this new Social Network Account.

And they uploaded some fantastics photos of there models and realization.

Don’t hesitate to follow.. it’s so great!!

Thanks Abyss/RealDoll

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The last creation model from RealDoll: Quinn

What is extraordinary with RealDoll is that model after model, the quality and realism are of a level rarely achieved.

And the last creation presented by Love Doll UK on TDF is… OMG

Her name is Quinn and her specifications are so great with C Cup and a breast enhancement…  The new Q Face is one fo my favorite… i’m in love with her

quinn-rd2-config1-2-1443156301 %281%29Face: Q
Body: A
Skin tone: Medium
Eye color: Blue-Grey
Makeup: Custom Eyeliner, Custom Shadow
Wig color & style: Strawberry – Custom Style
Lip color: Natural
Fingernails: French Manicure
Pubic hair: Shaved
Outfit: Not available
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 70-75 lbs (may vary +/- 5 lbs)
Cup Size: D

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$1000 OFF on ALL RealDoll models… what an offer

The new Summer RealDoll offers are really interesting…

$1000 OFF on ALL RealDoll models July 1st- July 7th (Including new BT4)


If you want Solana with her incredible body and excellent boobs… at $6772.00…. OH NO…  $5772.00 (Excl. TAX)

sol_010w-1433918553TDF Announcement:


RealDoll website


Would you buy a sexbot from this man? (The Times Magazine)

The RealDoll World becomes more large with this new article of the excellent and famous Times Magazine.

Mr Mc Mullen, the big Manufacturer’s star is the subject of this question:

Would you buy a sexbot from this man?

Would you buy a sexbot from this man    The Times


RealDolls: Sex Doll Factory Abyss Creations Is Churning Out 10 Fake Girlfriends A Week

Developers are working overtime to create virtual reality porn, but the folks at Abyss Creations don’t need the Oculus Rift developer kit. They’ve already created something that men (and a handful of women) can “interact” with sexually: the RealDoll, a lifelike, anatomically correct silicone sex doll with a completely accurate, fully articulated skeleton that arrives on a person’s doorstep in a coffin-sized box.

RealDolls  Sex Doll Factory Abyss Creations Is Churning Out 10 Fake Girlfriends A Week