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Category: OR Doll

SexDoll With Huge Nipples

It’s been a long time since I’ve received any new pictures from OR Doll. And yet, it was my first love!….. So I’m really happy to see one of their […]

Natural Fat Layla

Layla is an Or Doll 160cm – 5ft3 H Cup doll. She’s fat… She’s really fat… with thin waist. This is not a new doll from OR Doll, but I […]

Naughty Girl for Crazy Time

This Or Doll 160cm/5ft2 with large Hips Doll: 40.6in – 103cm and #42 head is a naughty girl. She’s in her playroom with a sex chair and jacuzzi. She’s wearing […]

BIG Tits and BIG Dick

This Or Doll 156cm/5ft1 G Cup with #34 head is a new proposition for those who would like to have a Ladyboy at home….

Or Doll 156G-cup Lady Boy Doll

You knew well the OR Doll 156cm G Cup. It’s a famous doll with a great breast and butt. But OR Doll has created a great option for those who […]

New OR Doll 160cm Big Butt pics series

She has a big BUTTT!!!… This an Or Doll 160cm/5ft2 large Hips Doll:  40.6in – 103cm  (OR Doll 160cm/5ft2 Large Butt) like the JY Doll 163 (New JY Doll Fat […]

OR Doll 160cm/5ft2 Large Butt

This is the new OR Doll 160cm/5ft2 H Cup with large hips. I showed you this curvy body from OR Doll with the #40 head. In this post, you can […]

OR Doll 160cm Large hips

The new OR Doll 160cm/5ft2 H Cup has large hips (103cm | 40.6 inch) like the 5ft1 Climax Doll Darcy or the WM Dolls 160cm B cup new body with new #182 head It seems […]

Lilian – part 2

Second post about the new 5’3″ (162cm) with HUUUUGE tits… H Cup (New Huge Tits Lilian from Or Doll) This time we are entitled to her preparation in her bath before […]

Lilian is naked

I showed you the new Or Doll 5’3″ (162cm) with HUUUUGE tits… H Cup on: New Huge Tits Lilian from Or Doll Today this is a new pics series with same head. […]

New Huge Tits Lilian from Or Doll

You know that i love big boobs. And OR Doll did a great model for me… the new 5’3″ (162cm) with HUUUUGE tits… H Cup! Her nickname is Lilian. This […]

Tiger body

I’m so happy. I have not heard from Or Doll for a long time, and there, in a few days, I have just received a lot of new things. And for […]