Smile, you’re on camera!


Samuraï is a great fan of his doll and nice guy. He gave me his agreement to publish here his photos of his 5’1 (156cm) H-cup with the recent smiling face.

As some may already know Oriental Rose (OR Doll) have brought out a new Face and i think it realy needs more exposure as she realy is a Joy to look at, this is one of thoses faces where photos will not do it/her justice.

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New pics of Or Doll 156cm African HUGE BOOBS


The OR Doll 156cm H Cup is one of my favorite dolls… I’m really crazy, exciting each time i saw her…


This beautiful african american style body with her HUGE Boobs is so goooooooddd. This is second model with WM DOLLS Nava (small breast)

Her specs are the same as the “white” skin tan body. You could see a monster pics gallery below….

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New Or Doll #26 Head HUGE pics gallery


I love the new OR DOLL head. I bought the Rose head, and i would like to buy Lena, Sasha or Vicky’s head!…

Today, i present you the new #26 head, officially called “Isabel”. This head is available with the 156cm B/G Cup and 157cm H-Cup bodies.

Just for help you to choose, you can see a HUGGGGGEE gallery with more than 80 pics!!

Have fun

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