Denim Shorts, High Heels and Big Tits


This is the third JY Doll 170cm/5ft7 pics series after Elle is a classy MILF and JY Doll 170cm (5ft7′) with Big Tits. She kept the same high heels and head…

She just changed her wig, but with same color… A third haircut version!

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SRSD::Fantastic 24H Flash Deals

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Don’t miss the 24H Deals of! 

HAPPENING NOW!! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals on Sex Doll 2017

You can buy the JY Doll 153cm with big tits just for $1,299 USD (Reg. $2,499 USD)


153cm (5ft) Fitness Body Huge Tits and Thin Waist Doll


Or the YL Doll 148cm just for $1,299 USD (Reg $2,199 USD)

DSCF5103_copy_1024x1024 (1)

148cm (4ft10′) Demon Sex Doll

JY Doll 170cm with #64 Head

JY Doll 170cm  with #64 Head

I know that you like the JY Doll 170cm/5ft7, especially with #64 Head. I wrote some posts about her: JY Doll 170cm (5ft7′) with Big Tits.

This new photoshoot is about an English adventurer with big boobs… lost on a deserted island who expresses her desire at nightfall… so charming!

For reminder:

  • Height: 170cm – 5ft 7 in
  • Full Bust:  92cm  36.2 in
  • Under Bust: 63cm  24.8 in
  • Waist:  50cm  19.7 in

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JY Doll 148cm With new skeleton


This is the new JY Doll 148cm / 4ft10 with D Cup 

I received this information for this model, but I’m not sure it’s fair. I’m still waiting for confirmation. If you have some specifications, please comment!!

  • Breasts: 75cm  29.5 inch
  • Waist: 51cm  20 inch
  • Hips: 78cm  30.7 inch
  • Weight: 25kg  55.1 lbs.


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Elle is a classy MILF


Lovely readers… I love this photoshoot!!!… She’s not naked, she’s not in incredible sexual positions…. but she’s incredibly sexy!

This JY Doll 170cm/5ft7 big tits (H Cup) wears a short green dress, a pearl necklace with matching earrings and high heels. The only small flaw, but that it gives it a bit of a sexual touch, is this small cut in the right tights.

Her measurements are:

  • Height: 170cm  5ft7
  • Full Bust:  92cm  36.2in
  • Under Bust: 63cm  24.8in
  • Waist:  50cm – 19.7in
  • Hips:  92cm  36.2in
  • Weight: 34kg  74.95lbs

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JY Doll 170cm (5ft7′) with Big Tits


This new 5ft7 JY Doll with big tits (36.2inches) is really  cute. This neckline sweater is really sexy, and I love this short grey wig that fits it really well.

After the successful 153cm/5ft (She’s my prisoner), i think they probably released the new best seller oh this brand. I’m waiting the video to publish here!

Her measurements are:

  • Height: 170cm – 5ft 7 in
  • Full Bust:  92cm  36.2 in
  • Under Bust: 63cm  24.8 in
  • Waist:  50cm  19.7 in
  • Hips:  92cm  36.2 in
  • Weight: 34kg  74.95lbs


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New JY Doll Fat Doll


Do You love the big bouncy butt??… JY Doll Too!

The new JY DOLL 162cm/5ft4 H Cup has very large hips: 43.3inches. She’s a bit heavy, but it’s normal given its shapes…

Her measurements are:

  • Height: 162cm  5ft 4 in
  • Full Bust: 98cm  38.6 in
  • Under Bust: 70cm  27.6 in
  • Waist: 60cm  23.6 in
  • Hips: 110cm  43.3 in
  • Weight: 49kg  108lbs.

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