New pics and new prices for 2017


JM DOLL announced on TDF:

Hi, hope that everyone will be a better life in the new year, we have published some new photos, hope that everyone can buy the doll which has good quality and better price, our dolls will have a favorable price in Jan,2017. pls be attention.

Stay Tuned!

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New face for 110cm doll—we name her as Nevan Bl

2242376B2C60CEBA9CD61ADDF8CED979JM Doll present the new face of 110cm doll on TDF.

This face is thinner than previous, and in my opinion, slightly more mature.

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More photos of new 110cm doll

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New pics of the 110cm Doll from JMDoll

4JM Doll release a new 110cm body, with a Weight 15kg (33lbs) and a big Breasts: 55cm (21.65″).
This beauty has no nickname today.

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*NEW* 145cm Tall Silicone Doll Shaylee (TC1130) Now Available!

TC1130 145cm doll %281%29 Specifications:

Height: 57 inches (145cm)
Measurements: Bust: 27.2″, Waist: 18.9″, Hips: 29.5″
Model Name: Shaylee
Model Number: TC1130
Manufacture: JM Doll
Doll Type: Full Platinum Silicone with Metal Skeleton
Weight: 55.1 lbs. (27kg)
Sex Organs: Vagina, Oral, and Anal

Doll Includes: Wig and Random Outfit


1. Face 1
2. Eyes: Black, Brown, and Blue
3. Wig: Brown, Black

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New Doll Lucy from JMDoll

Lucy - JM Doll

Lucy – JM Doll

Height: 145cm
Bust: 69cm
Hips: 75cm

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Sandy (68cm) is new on JMDoll…

“The modern girl(B)in 68CM is with integrated structure, and the appearance looks realistic. Her head could be moved freely. And she has skeleton. Her hands and feet are smartly. Also, all of her joints could be fixed to do actions. The fingers are in parallel, so as the toes. So the doll could stand steadily when she is relying on the wall or the bed. Also she could do the pose like real persons on the bed.

(1) The head is with integrated structure. There is no gap between head and neck. (2)You can move the eyeballs to change the sight of the doll. (3)The waist could be reversed to fix the location. (4)The boots is integrated which could not be unpacked. (5)The skeleton and the joints could be fixed to do actions. And the doll could stand when she is relying on something. (6)Hand breast and vagina are all made very detail. Height: 68cm, Head circumference: 22.5cm, Bust: 34cm, Waist: 22.5cm, Hips:36cm, Width of Shoulder:14cm, Weight:3.4kg, Size of Cartons: 50X20X31cm .”