Lora’s Tanned Body

Lora is a IronTechDoll 157cm / 5ft2 H Cup Lora Tanned Body.

She spent the day at the beach tanning her body. Lora looked around a lot and it excited her a lot to see all those sculpted, tanned and naked bodies.

She went home alone, and she doesn’t know what to do. She tries to keep busy to pass on her frustration….

She wants to have sex but not alone…. She decides to take a magazine… but will that be enough?

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Hellen is a natural girl

Hellen is an IronTechDoll 157cm / 5ft2 H Cup Doll. Hellen has no huge boobs or large hips. She’s simple, full of great details and natural. She’s not so heavy and Her breasts are well designed.

And as I think many of you don’t know this model, I propose you in this post to discover it with two different skin tints: the natural tint and with a nice tanned skin for the beautiful days that are coming.

And the icing on the cake, I add a video for you to enjoy!

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IronTech Doll 160cm


IronTechDoll is not a new Dolls Factory. They build some good models with great details and fine attention. You can see below the first on this blog: The 5ft3 / 160cm F Cup Big ASS (Hips: 42.5inches)

I don’t have any feedback on this doll, but i hope some of you could help to get some!

I was contacted by Leonard, and he gave me all info i needed. They are on TDF and now you can buy their models on SexyRealSexDolls.com

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