Sabrina is a mannequin, a Doll4Ever 155cm 5ft1 E Cup. She always wanted to be. It’s a real calling.

But she also likes to strip and show off her breasts. And that’s why she always offers a little more to her photographer.

Today Sabrina offers us an OFF session and she did not shave her pussy. She shows herself naturally in two very sexy and very different outfits.

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Twin Sister On Fire

Yan & Yan are two twin sisters, two Doll4Ever 155cm / 5ft1 E Cup, one is red and the other is brown. We don’t know which one dyed her hair. They both work in the same hotel and each has a different job.

Yan, the redhead, is in charge of the reception. She waits outside, accompanies visitors into the entrance and shows them the way.

Yan, the brunette, is in charge of room service. She checks that everything is perfect and that nothing is missing.

Both love their work and have a real passion for what they do. They put all the zeal, even a little more…

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Sweet Elsa

Elsa is very sweet. Elsa is a young blonde woman with beautiful blue eyes.Elsa is a Doll4 Ever 155cm / 5ft1 E Cup.

She discovers her body and her powers. She’s not sure of herself yet. She needs reassurance about her seduction.

She tries on sexy outfits, positions and feels the effect she makes you feel.

But Elsa is ready to learn. She is completely open and you will be able to show her the way to pleasure.

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Li Is Blonde Or Brunette

Same body and same head but different eyes and wigs.

You will discover, if not already done, the Doll4ever 155cm 5ft1 E Cup LI . She can be blonde with green eyes or brown curly with blue eyes.  Between you and me, I prefer the blonde.
This body is very light and rather well finished.

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Bella, Mulan and Venus…

Bella, Mulan and Venus are three Doll4Ever 146cm/4ft9″ C-Cup Sex Doll.

But they don’t come from the same planet. They are all 3 beautiful with a small body of dream, a small chest and a pretty well rounded ass. Yet they are quite different.
Venus has three breasts...

Bella has the face of an angel.

And Mulan is like coming out of a tale, beautiful and heroic.

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Doll4Ever 165cm – 5ft5 Big Breasts

I want to introduce you some new features of the 165cm 5ft5 Big Breasts from Doll4Ever.

This I Cup doll has a fat butt, large hips and tight waist. But there is another innovation:


About Doll4ever and piper doll’s EVO skeleton explanation: Doll4ever doll’s EVO skeleton keep the old turning screws way of install of the head.

Doll4ever and piper doll’s  EVO skeleton could make “Asian squat” and squat with standing by herself.

You can see below Cathy and Olivia for all body’s details 😉

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Doll4Ever 165cm Olivia pics

Olivia is a good girl… Olivia is a Doll4Ever 165cm/5ft5 I cup.

She’s a woman greedy for sex. It is even rather reserved. But if you serve him a little glass, it’s likely that the atmosphere will warm up a bit.

It may show you the details of its anatomy…

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