Cute RIN-chan in 2016 from Pignose


Pignose is a new 2016 doll’s fan and he bought a DollHouse168 Rin. Thanks to you Pignose for all pics and comments in this post!!!!

This “Rin-Chan” is his cute companion for now, even if i think i will probably buy a new one in 2017(!?!)…

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Rin Big breast jiggle….

Doll House 168rin3

This new video is fantastic. (The old one has been limited  on YouTube: Dollhouse 168 Rin Breasts Jiggle)

For big breasts lovers, it’s a MUST SEE. The doll is the Doll House 168 158cm doll, one of my favorite doll as known as Rin.

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Breaking News of Doll House 168 2016

Doll House 168 is one of my favorite dolls brands. I really love their models, especially Rin, the 161cm Plus (5’3″). You can see her in a “jiggle” vid: Dollhouse 168 Rin Breasts Jiggle

DollTo exhibited at the 2016 Canton Expo in China, and sent me some vids of the DH 168 models you can see below.

Stay tuned i will post some news about DH 168 in short time….

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Tan big boobs body… Guy, you’ll go crazy


I love this DH168 158 Plus body, and with this new tan skin tone… OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Doll House 168 158cm Doll Tan Skin Tone is a future version of the famous 62″ Big breast body which i talk to you every time i can. Rin (Dollhouse 168 Rin Breasts Jiggle) is the DOLL i dream to buy… But now i could not resist long…

Below you can dream with me, with vid from DollTo and pics series of this beauty.. Tan skin tone and blue eyes….

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New DH 168 body 150cm is coming


This is the new body coming from Doll House 168. This new 59 inches TPE model,  B/C cup, just a little higher than previous 57.5″ body, should have at least  these measurements:

  • Height:59″ (150 cm)
  • Weight:66lbs (30 kg)
  • Bust:31.5in (80 cm)
  • Waist:19in (49 cm)
  • Hips:30.7in (78cm)


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Dollhouse 168 Rin Breasts Jiggle


I love theDH 168 Rin, you know!… She’s s exciting! I wrote so many posts about this beauty like:

Today, it’s a new video wth DH168 Rin Breasts JIGGLE….. SO Hot!!!!

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New girl Lilian with 146cm Body from Doll House 168


First pics of the DH168 Lilian, the all new beautiful TPE doll 146cm – 4’8 with a new very lovely asian face. I’ve always that the DH168 Dolls were very sexy like the 158cm big breast Rin

Official specs from Doll House 168 :

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