Naughty Misa Shows Her Big Butt

Misa is a brand-new DollHouse 168 155cm 5ft1 C Cup with #68 head

Misa is clearly a slut. She loves sex. She’ll do anything to make love and get caught, especially from behind. She loves sodomy… she loves her ass.

This beauty is always naked with some accessories, like a leather suspender belt….. With her glasses and her slutty look, you won’t last long.

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Honoka is another variation of the new DollHouse168 series for the 155cm model: DollHouse168 155cm F Cup C Cup with #64 head. I presented it to you recently in the previous post: News From DollHouse 168 and Christie

This Asian babe that looks so soft and fragile is a real beauty with her white lingerie. Her body is very well done and the measurements are magnificent. The body benefits from all new products – nails, wigs, skeletons of the brand’s new series.

You know I like big breasts, so I’m looking forward to the L Cup version.

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News From DollHouse 168 and Christie

DollHouse 168 brings some changes (Nail color, Vagina, Wig and Skin tone) and innovations to its range of dolls and presents us these new series 135cm – 4ft4, 145cm – 4ft75 and 155cm – 5ft1 for 2019.

After 6 months of meticulous preparation, we’re thrilled to present you the new DollHouse168 2019 series.

The idea of creating this new series originated from the feedback we got from our loyal customers, they were really into our previous Japanese style, requested us to design some more animated dolls, this will also become the main theme of our future design.

Some faces offered for the smaller dolls are not legal, so you won’t see them here. On the other hand, you will see the new Christie, a magnificent 155cm 5ft1 F Cup C Cup with the #65 head.

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NEW DollHouse 168 Nini

Nini is a brand new DH168 160cm 5ft2 with medium breast.

This new Asian beauty is presented to you in a very classic little black dress with very sexy white stockings.

As you need to be able to discover it, you are entitled to a small series of nudes, and another in a transparent nightie. This should help you to form your opinion.

As usual, DollHouse 168 has taken care of the details and although I prefer big breasts, this new entry is really worth considering.

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Doll House 168 170cm EVO

Do you know what Cat, Liz and Ashley have in common?

They are all three of the 170cm 5ft7 Evo of Doll House 168, 3 proposals on the basis of the same body with very interesting proportions.

A very light weight for the height, a well drawn Boobs and a correct cup size (H Cup), and a small ass (which could be a little more rounded) are the main arguments of these dolls.

You will be able to take advantage of 3 photo galleries and 2 videos to fully appreciate the quality of this model and the evolution of the DH 168 bodies.

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DollHouse168 170cm Sasa & Natasha


You have seen Sasa on Sasa is the new Doll House 168 with the 5ft1 / 156cm Evo DD Cup body.

In this post, you can see Natasha and Sasa with the 170cm/5ft7 FF Cup body Evo. Evo is for the improved skeleton (new head installation, pioneered Virgin pussy design, new kneeling position).

Natasha is the blond.

  • Height: 170cm  5ft 7 in
  • Full Bust: 87cm  34.3 in
  • Under Bust: 67cm  26.4 in
  • Waist: 55cm  21.7 in
  • Hips: 92cm  36.2 in
  • Weight: 36kg  79.4 lbs.

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Sasa is the new Doll House 168

156 Sasa水印-13

Sasa is a 5ft1 / 156cm Evo DD Cup body.

The new DH168B Evo Body gets some new features like:

  1. The head installation has changed the traditional way of turning screws to plug type design. The head is more stable.
  2. Pioneered Virgin pussy design: You can open yourself her Virgin pussy and anal….
  3. The TPE material is improved, not greasy and not smell.
  4. The body can do shrug and hold out a bosom (like the new WM Dolls Body: New WM Dolls Skeleton).
    This body can do kneeling position: the lower leg can be completely touched to the thigh and the feet can touch the buttocks.

The body shape is great with an excellent B.W.H. specs and she’s lightweight.

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