Game, Set and Match: CLM 160 new pics and vids


The CLM 160 is THE 2016 RDA Award Winning Best Doll. This is one of the current famous doll and a best seller!

I already wrote some posts about her, like Twin CLM 160,what a lucky Andy or CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt Fat Doll

CLM is also known as CLIMAX or CM. It depends on reseller 😉

Today i found some new pics and three vids (coming from my partner

For those who want to play tennis with their dolls…. it’s a perfect series!

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CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt Fat Doll


This the time of BIG FAT DOLLS…

After the all new fat curvy doll from WM Dolls (i love her), CLM released a new model with big fat butt and huge boobs.

She’s a little heavy but it’s normal with her curvy body.

Her price is incredible too: you can buy her just $1999 (very cheap for a 5’2″ TPE Doll)

Her specs are:

  • 160 cm (5’2 ft) 
  • Breast: 41.7″ (106cm) !!!!
  • Waist: 24.8” (63cm)
  • Hips:40.15” (102 cm) 
  • Weight: 99.61lbs (45.2kg)

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