Merry Christmas from Huge Boobs Santa Girls


Merry Christmas!!!

Just for this special day you’ll find below some great Santa Girls…

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Amanda’s got a super fat ass

B15529S Amanda (17)

AManda is a 155cm/5ft1 Climax Doll and she has a larrrrrge BUTT. If you like to take your doll from behind… She’s for you!

Its wide hips and well rounded ass invite you every day to renew the experience.

I already wrote a post about Amanda: Amanda is a star and i lost the video (My YouTube account has been terminated)…. I have a new one just below!!!!

  • Height: 155cm 5ft 1
  • Full Bust: 102cm 40.2 in
  • Under Bust: 64cm 25.2 in
  • Waist: 60.5cm | 23.8 in
  • Hips: 107cm | 42.1 in
  • Weight: 43kg | 94.8 lbs.

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Climax Doll new 3ft3″ S and L bodies

100SM1Y+100LM1S Una Kaine (17)

After the new Climax Doll 100cm/3ft3″ Plus Una Kaine the Little Huge Boobies, the factory released two new models with the same height but smaller Cup Size: E cup for the 100cm S (small breast) and H Cup for the 100cm L (large breast).

This will be all the easier to recognize the bodies on photos and video just below.

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Climax Doll Hellen

16015S Hellen (3)

Climax Doll Hellen is the 160cm/5ft3″ tattoed JJ Cup body. You already saw her on $300 OFF on Tattooed Roxanne with less of tattoes. But Hellen has a different face (Face 22), shown on The Josie’s big butt

Her measurements are:

  • Full Bust: 106cm  41.7 inch
  • Under Bust: 70cm  27.6 inch
  • Waist: 63cm  24.8 inch
  • Hips: 102cm  40.2 inch
  • Weight: 45.2kg  99.6 lbs.

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Una Kaine the Little Huge Boobies

100PlusM1Y Una Kaine (22)

Una Kaine is the new body from Climax Doll. Her measurements are incredible.

This new 3/5 scale (3.3ft / 100cm) super-busty love doll, Una Kaine! Her measurements are:

  • Breasts: 41.7inches ! (106cm),
  • Waist: 24.8inches (63.5cm),
  • Hips: 27.9inches (71cm).

That’s right: Her bustline is greater than her height!

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The Josie’s big butt

15522S Josie (40)

Climax Doll Josie has a big ass… This 5ft1 body with her K Cup size breast and 42.1 inches  of hips for 23.8 inch of waist is really curvy.

I already showed you the new 5ft1 model of Climax Doll with Darcy (Climax Doll Darcy), Amanda (Amanda is a star) and Gloria (Big butt Gloria loves Bikes). But Every time i see this model, i clearly want to order one… to play with Olga (My new Huge Boobs Olga is here).

Below you’ll find photos and videos of the photo session.

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Climax Doll Darcy


Darcy is the Climax Doll whole new body, with a height of 155cm / 5’1 and a big ass (hips: 107cm / 42.1 inches). A 5ft1 tall doll as Amanda, Gloria, but with a K Cup!

She’s a fat Milf. And her guy can not resist when she decide to seduce him.

She can have all she wants. 3 new vids and big pics gallery below!

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