CC Body is now at 4woods USA showroom! New pics…

01 (1)CC Body is one of the best bodies…

She’s really expensive but i can’t resist with this incredible  and realistic shape.

CC Body, newest curvaceous love doll, is now available for viewing at 4woods USA showroom! Here are some photos of this amazing doll with three different heads, Asami, Elina and Elle. Continue reading

New head plus more pictures of CC body

024Woods presented us the new curvy body: the CC Body few month ago. I loved this “big busty” body, even if i think they could put bigger breast on her.

4Woods Japanese website has updated new head Make-up Collection “Elle” and added more pictures of CC body.

This  new classic asian head complete the range… If you buy this product, what would you choose head?


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4woods Japanese sex doll Naughty Doll

4woods ラブドール紹介 Japanese sex doll Naughty Doll編   YouTubeThis is a great video with pics from the 4Woods Collection.

You could see all the models except the new one: CC Body

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New CC Body from 4Woods

05I don’t know how i can pass through this announcement, but 4Woods release a new body on mid July.

CC Body means a body style that is “Curvaceous” “Cute” and “Cherry” (like you want to put it into your mouth!) We had such ideas to develop this body.


CC Body has unimaginably enormous breasts, more than handful peach-like butt, voluptuous thighs, and sexy calves. She may have limited clothing option, but she is sure to satisfy customers’ needs who prefer thick, curvaceous, and voluptuous bodies. She will surely make your private space hot and steamy in a second!

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New 4woods head “Chisato”

024Woods created her based on a concept “a mature sexiness that accepts all your needs and gently takes you in…”

Her melancholic and naive face will gently release what you have been hiding inside. Continue reading

4woods (S+) skeleton movement video

A TDF member asked 4Woods to have a video with 4woods movement range

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$1,000 OFF on any 4woods USA’s models: a TDF exclusive sales campaign!!!

Premium  Lifesize Silicone Love Dolls   4Woods USA4woods USA is running a TDF exclusive sales campaign
Here’s the deal… **This campaign is available only for customers in the U.S.

$1,000 OFF on any models!!

AIdoll Allure: $6,940 including any options and shipping & handling (Regular total price $7,940)
Other models: $6,440 including any options and shipping & handling (Regular total price $7,440)
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