Monster Pics Gallery: Britney is a sexy White girl


She is sporty and outdoor activities, like sunbathing, that’s how she got her hot tanned body.

Britney is a beautiful doll crafted by 6Ye, the boutique sex doll creator. One of her unique features is her super light weight, she is 150cm / 4′ 11″, but only 24kg/ 53lbs. Also, her pussy is so realistic and beautiful with the hungry labia.

Exclusively for RealDoll Addict Reader: You can get Britney now with an additional $50 discount! 

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New Vid and pics of Gigantic YLDoll 150


That’s it. I totally fall in love.

This new YL Doll 150 Huge boobs Body is my current best body. And when you see this video, you will share the same opinion as I do. OMG… This is a long vid – 4:43.

You have plenty of time to enjoy her body so exciting, her huge breasts, her gracefully drawn hips, and her ass ….

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New curvy “Grande” babe


WM DOLL produce now a 170cm – 5’6″. This one of the tallest doll in the world with the ExDoll 170cm, the bodies C and D from RealDoll and Z-OneDoll 170cm.

This body is high, but with curvy shape like the 152cm Curvy body (don’t miss the #1 Video of the so sexy curvy body), big boobs and great butt…. this is the current trend 😉

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111 cm (3’6 ft) Z-Onedoll Silicone Sex Doll jut for $999


A silicone doll just $999.. You don’t believe me?…

Z-OneDoll decided to reduce the price of this 111cm – 3ft6″ little doll with big breast and get a price under the $1,000…just under 😉

You can read the presentation of this model in the previous post: Z-Onedoll 111cm is ready for order!

This offer is special and limited in the time…

logo_664cec6a-5d89-4c77-80e2-bd81060fa9ac_1024x1024 (1).png

111 cm (3’6 ft) New Z-Onedoll Head #30 Silicone Sex Doll just of $999



Tania, Real Ultra Big Breast Doll


YLDOLL is starting this new year 2017 with a bomb: The Huge Boobs YLDoll 150 This crazy body has one of the dolls biggest boobs in the world.

And they are very smart, because it’s the best time to sell this huge breast body… and they offer on TDF the pics gallery with your favorite head (see below for the link). This new series is with the Lorie Head

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