Melancholic Moods Of A Young Woman – Video

I love those melancholic moods of a quiet young woman – the WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 C Cup with Head #45 – in her garden. She cultivates well-being and gentleness. With her floral dress, her hood and her shoes from another time, she is simple and from a good family.

She is not provocative and does not know love. She is just twenty years old and has never met the man who would capsize her.

She waits for someone to name the one who will share her life. And yet she dreams, she imagines this beautiful muscular brown who would carry her in her bed and make her know ecstasy.

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Magical Big Tits

I didn’t figure out how well this body, the WM Dolls – 5ft7 / 172cm G Cup with #154 head (shown in Huge boobs Elf with deep blue eyes).

After seeing this series of photos, I think I’ll let myself be tempted.

She’s tall, almost as tall as me…

So I’ll think about it a bit more, but I really like the proportions. Her breasts, her hips, this well rounded ass… really make me want to order it.

I really love these pictures with the face of Elf with pointed ears and almond eyes: She is magic!

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Sweet Asian Boobies

Simply beautiful… i think it’s the best definition.

A new series of the SYDOLL 158cm – 5ft2 H cup that you have already seen in: The Asian Bride Loves Lingerie
This doll is beautiful. The weight is low for this height. And you have to admit that the details are very neat, especially for the face, breasts and ass (really very rounded for an Asian?).
This face #109 is really a success. It should be tested in condition, but the eyes, nose and mouth seem very finely realized. I would like those who have it or who will buy it to contact me to have a small review in detail.

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Fatal Beauty

What a sexy outfit!
She’s a slave, she’s a sex slave. She’s beautiful and she knows she’s in control!

She is a WM Dolls 162 cm / 5ft3 B cup with this new face #227.

She knows she has that power to drive you crazy. She doesn’t need to talk to make people understand what she wants. His wishes are orders that cannot be opposed.

She’s both soft and strong. It has this mysterious and erased side, but it is the silence that precedes the storm.

She’s a fatal beauty.

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Devon is an artist. She likes to expose herself because she knows she’s very beautiful.

She always wears high quality lingerie and knows how to choose the colours that will enhance her shapes.

You will be able to fully enjoy Devon’s charm in photoshoot where she shows us every detail of her body.

Devon is a 6YE 161cm Premium E cup.

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NEW WM Dolls #236 head

This is a brand new  asian head from WM Dolls : #236.

You can see it with the WM Dolls 162cm / 5ft3 B cup. And you can see a special option: the tongue!

And you will have a special option: the tongue. And she likes to stick her tongue out.
I have no idea what that’s worth. In aesthetic terms, I think that’s really good.

But I’d like to know if for a blowjob, it’s really nice and effective. In any case, it really makes you want to.

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Model At Home, pics and vid

The WM Dolls 168cm / 5ft6 E cup is back. And you can see her with #70 head. This is not the first time i’ve shown you this combo:  WM 168cm head 70 nude and WM 168cm E Cup with head #70

But this time, i added a brand new video!

I love this WM Dolls Body. She doesn’t have huge breasts, she doesn’t have a big ass and huge hips, but she is very natural, very simple, very real and tall too!

In fact, his measurements are those of a Model… It’s still classy to make love to a famous model whenever you want.

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