Giant Pics Gallery of SM Doll 148cm D Cup

This is the first one for this 148cm D Cup doll from SM Doll in the RDA Blog.

This pretty country girl is just 20 years old, and she still doesn’t know the man. She is very classic, very well brought up in a very strict family.

But she begins to feel cravings inside her body, and when she takes off her traditional everyday clothes, she has trouble holding on to her hands that caress her body, her breasts, her sex…

She has let her hair grow and you will be able to discover her at two times in her life….

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Journey To The Caribbean

And guys, it’s too cold!……. How about a little trip to the Caribbean?

I know a beautiful, well tanned hostess who could warmly welcome us. May I introduce her to you?

Well you already know her body very well since it is the WM Dolls 166cm 5ft5 C Cup, but this time you will be able to see the version with the #265 head and tanned skin… (I love it…..) and in a bikini, well not too long!

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New Face #266 For Twenties

She’s 20 years old. She’s young and fresh and she knows what she wants. She knows her body is perfect.

This pretty WM Dolls 166cm C Cup is ready to be exhibited. She likes to play with the camera.

This is the first time I have shown you this new face #266 and I find it very successful. With her green eyes and duvet hair, she seduces us with a glance.

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Christmas With The Small Boobs Santa Girl

It’s almost Christmas… and I’ve already found some gift ideas for you: Huge Boobs Under The Christmas Tree (Video)

But you also have to think about the Santa Girl. And she has a lot of very naughty intentions. She wants to cover you with happiness but above all to make you enjoy pleasure!….

And especially when she’s the all-new YL Doll 168cm 5ft6 B Cup with the #188 Head
This sublime beauty with deep green eyes will make you have the best Christmas of your life.

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Black Lingerie

She is beautiful, she is light, she is sporty and well educated. She is an SM Doll 148cm 4ft10 B Cup.

This doll has nice measurements and a beautifully sculpted body, even if one more cap would, in my opinion, have suited her better; here I think of the WM Dolls 166cm C cup,

She is still very thin with a very small ass.

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Sexy Singer Lora

Lora is an Irontech Doll 150cm 4ft11 (E Cup ??…)

Lora is a young American singer with a great future. She loves music because it brings her back. She likes to feel listened to, looked at, envied… She likes being the star.

She is so beautiful and desirable with her tanned skin, blue eyes and goddess body.

Since she turned 20, she has travelled across the country to sing… and several times, she has offered more than her voice to her fans….

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Sweet Small Tits Candy

I hadn’t seen that hair before… at least, I don’t think so. I love this body, the WM Dolls 166cm 5ft5 C Cup, you understand that. And this new series with the new #265 head is superb: a little sweet candy.

Well made up, a small top too short, a mini pink skirt, white stockings, and pink glasses, this pretty blonde with black eyes will make more than one crack, starting with me.

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