Do You Want To See Her Naked?

Yes!!!… I received 2 great new vids of the WM Dolls 161cm/5ft3 D cup with #206 head, blond wig and green eyes. (First time for this face on RDA).

This doll has come to make a new photo and video casting. I’m just quickly reminding you of the mannequin’s measurement: 91cm – 35.8 in / 60cm – 23.6 in /84cm – 33.1 in

So first photo pass in denim shorts and sexy top. She quickly undresses for a second photo session… and 2 small videos that should please you.

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New Fitness Doll from Passion Dolls

This is a great ad for those who like muscular girls with firm and well formed breasts. offers you here the last prototype of its future model which should be released soon. You also have the chance to see the new face that will accompany this new body.

And I find it very well-made!

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YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 with #186 head

This is the third post with the  the YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 D Cup with #186 head after Big Ass for Black Bimbo  and Naked with a boa scarf, and I remain amazed by the possibilities offered by these dolls to always be very different.

With a few different wigs, a little make-up and a special atmosphere, your doll can become what you want when you expect it.

So I invite you to see it with this new series of very erotic, even very romantic photos of the YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 D Cup with brown eyes and blond wig… Continue reading

The Hot CowGirl Kally

Kally  is an YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 with #118 head. She’s CowGirl. She roams the Southern Plains alone on her mare.

But today she wants a man, a real one!
And for that, she’ll do anything… to seduce him and drive him crazy.

This is the second time you can see this combo, and strangely enough I find them very different.
It’s possible that it’s the processing of the photos that gives me that impression…?

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SM Doll 170cm

Hey Guys…. I think you’ll be happy with these  pics series!!!… I found you some great photos of the SM Doll 170cm/5ft6 H Cup with 3 different faces.

The body is great, even if I find it a little bit heavy for a big size. She’s got a hell of an ass – 43.3 inches!

  • Height: 170cm – 5ft6
  • Bust : 89cm – 35in
  • Under Bust: 68cm – 26.8in
  • Waist: 63cm – 24.8in
  • Hips: 110cm – 43.3in
  • Weight: 52kg – 114.6lbs

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Slutty Vampire is Back

Trick Or Treat?….

I know that Halloween has been here a long time, but I think playing never hurt anyone… and when you’re lucky enough to have that #193 head, you can prolong the fun a bit.
So the damsel is a well known YL Doll 148cm/4ft10 D Cup  which has been seen here before.This is the third pics series with same combo:

But it doesn’t spoil anything since her body with its well bumped breasts is always very pleasant to look at.
If any of you have purchased this face, I would like him to contact me and send me photos or vids and a comment so I can publish a new post.

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WM Dolls 158cm D Cup in details

The #74 head is not a new face, but it fits very well with the WM Dolls 158cm/5ft2 D cup.

And you will be able to enjoy it since I have prepared a mega photo gallery: in black lingerie and fishnet stockings with a red wig, then naked with brown wig showing all the details of his body….

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