Huge Butt Katrina

I feel that this new doll is going to be a big success. It’s sure that many of us like generous shapes… and for the moment, this new 158cm 5ft2 doll from YL Doll offers a lot of them. She has a super big ass with a hip size of 127cm or 50 inches.

So for this new series, YL Doll presents us with a brand new head #298, named Katrina. I think it suits her super well with this long black hair and blue eyes.

Okay, guys, I’ll let you imagine what it’s like if you take it from behind….

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Huge Boobs Pearl

Pearl is a tall, round blonde with pronounced shapes. She has big breasts, wide hips and a good ass. If you like well-built women, you’ll love it. It is a Jarliet 171cm 5ft7 H cup.
She necessarily weighs a little heavy, but for tall men (or women), She’s a perfect partner.
And since I know you like to have lots of information, I added 2 videos to watch her… in her clothes and naked.

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Brand New Huge Boobs Mamasita

Mamasita is a BBW SexDoll with a huge ass and a nice pair of huge Boobs (probably O Cup with 105cm – 41.3inches).

I show it to you in preview, since this doll will only be available after February 18… but NOW you can already pre-order it at a great price of US$1699, instead of US$2199.

This SILI Doll is the first of its kind to have measurements of this type. And I love it!!! She’s a little heavy, but given her size and plump body, one could not have expected better.

Here is a first series of photos to enjoy the curves of the beauty since she shows herself to you completely naked.
Look forward to the next one and maybe on video!

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Huge Butt Video

And many of you are going crazy about this brand new doll: the YL Doll 158cm 5ft2 N cup with Hugggge Butt.

Her big breasts and especially her big ass were able to please you!!!!! And I understand you… so I asked the manufacturer to find me a nice video… and it’s done….1 minute and 30 seconds of happiness in which you’ll be able to see her huge ass wiggling and her big breasts swinging.  So exciting!!!!!

This brand new YL Doll doll is still a great success to come and I will try to get you a good price for those who would like to have one. There will be Chinese New Year and with this important event, orders will be postponed. So I’ll see what I can do. Feel free to leave me your comments for future buyers.

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Huge Boobs Marie

Marie is a 5ft2 158cm J Cup from Jarliet, and she’s a little crazy.

This young Asian girl has always been a little disturbed. She lives in her world. She dreams of flying and floating in the clouds.

When you see her, you think of something else… Her big white breasts will immediately envy and we just want to send her to the Seventh Heaven.

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Cow Girl Christi

Yee Haw! Here comes Christi the famous cowgirl. This pretty redhead with blue eyes, A Doll4ever 165cm 5ft5 I cup, has been a farmer since childhood.

She knows the western plains by heart and travels constantly in search of her herd of 1000 horned cow heads. She is fearless and does not hesitate to put her hands in her land. Her land is a part of herself.

But she is nevertheless a young, beautiful and sexy woman. And when desire rises, she doesn’t wait long before riding her man.

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New YLDoll Biiiig Butt

And guys, here’s a little news!…..

Finally when I say a little… it’s not quite true, since the beautiful girl is 1m58 – 5ft2 tall and has a huge ass with a hip circumference of 50 inches – 127cm !

I had already shown you the first images of the model in production, First Pics Of The New YL Doll 158cm Big Booty, well today, here is Aisha!

Since this is the first time Aisha has shown up, she has decided to show everything. She is almost naked, sexy and slightly damp. You won’t believe your eyes.

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Huge Boobs Sisters III

You know I love them!

These two dwarf sisters (Huge Boobs Dwarf Sisters Are Back, Twin Sister On Fire) are super exciting and I would be too excited to have them both at home…

They are different (from faces #263 and #264), but they are really twins. A very big tits, a good big butt and a lot of sensuality, all you need to seduce a man like me!

And imagine both in your bed (or elsewhere) and you will go far in the pleasure.

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Big Boobs Kristel 2 Videos

Kristel is well known on this blog. I already showed it to you once in this previous post: Big Boobs Kristel

With her friend Jen, they are my favorite at Jarliet’s, although I just discovered a smaller 160cm / 5ft3 that you will soon see here. But back to Kristel….

This very sexy doll with her slim waist and 99cm – 39 inches breast is rather tall (166cm – 5ft5) for a weight that remains reasonable. In this post, you will be able to see her in video with her beautiful tanned skin tone body… which I prefer.

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Huge Boobs Bianca

Hey Guys i love this story of my partner with Huge Boobs Bianca, a 6EYE 167cm 5ft6 K Cup Premium with Amor head B.

Bianca, the česká sexuální panenka at SexySexDoll, owning a pair of monster huge assets, making her a very popular Czech sex doll. She attends to a night bar after work, having a sexy drink alone. You are impressed with this giant boobs sexy lady and try to approach her. Who knows that she is not an easy-to-reach lady. You are not giving up, and trying to give her a thrust when she goes to the toilet. Guess what? She is more welcoming when you are forcing her for a sex, like a slut, asks for more than you give. Just bring her home would be a lot easier, you can have the best intercourse every corner at home.

I couldn’t have told you it better. … Just discover her now…

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