Kazuki789 and his WM Dolls 170cm H-Cup Doll with Head #56

Kazuki (AKA Kazuki789 on TDF) is a great guy and big fan of the WM Dolls 170cm/5ft7 H-Cup Doll. He bought one with the Head #56

He’s a fantastic photographer and he offered his first pics of his lady.

I put a lot of effort into taking pictures of my WM doll. Figured I would share them with other doll owners.

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The evil beauty of the warrior

Once upon a time there was a young elven warrior, an YL DOll 165cm/5ft5 with the #34 head,  who sought to meet her destiny. One day while wandering in her old world, she found a secret place haunted by a demon of war.

She didn’t immediately understand what was going to happen to her.

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The nude WM Dolls 163cm H cup with High Heels

The WM Dolls 163cm/5ft4 H Cup is the great sensation. She doesn’t have the biggest boobs, the largest hips (close to…) or the lightest weight… But she’s the best known.

And i know that you love this curvy doll. I already offered you one video of her in WM Dolls 163cm H Cup New pics and Video  You can see it below…. and I received the pics series that matches this one.

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Sex Dolls Lesbian Play

It’s not very common to have the chance to watch two dolls together make a big hug… Especially when it comes to 2 SiliDoll’s dolls.

Sukiwaai (169cm) and Suriwaai (145cm) are the two successes of the company and show you all the potential to appeal to these two goddesses of love.

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WM 163cm H cup new body with #198 head

New pics series and… a VIDEO of the new big tits star of the internet. This WM Doll 163cm H cup new body is a large success.

The #198 head with this blond wig is a perfect choice for this curvy model…. and it’s such a good choice that it’s the one that caused the huge buzz on the internet: The WM Dolls 163cm H Cup is a star on internet

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The Big Tits of the Princess

This SM Doll 163cm Big breast is an Asian Princess. She’s called Tiana.

Tiana is a simple girl who loves to show off. Because of her princess status, she can never afford to let herself go, but today she shows you everything. Her generous Chest (“D Cup”) and her attractive shapes make it an object of desire.


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Dream doll for erotic photoshoot

New pics of the Z OneDoll 158cm/5ft2 with the A16 head.

A magnificent series of black and white (and color) photos of this sublime doll with generous chest in black lingerie, with elegant stockings and shoes.

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