Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people by Chris

elf queen harem bikini1 (1)

Chris presents you Danann de Tuatha, “Goddess of the people”, an YL Doll 150cm (like my OLGA) with the Shael face. I want to thank him to share his pics and info with us.

Received my doll finally and named her danann de tuatha which is Gaelic meaning goddess of the people, and i must say while she is extraordinary beautiful she also a extraordinary pain in the ass all the cleaning and baby powdering and fixing her makeup monthly. i do have to ask some say use baby oil on the tpe body while others say don’t what do you reccommend?

If you want to help Chris, please comment just below!

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I wanted the tallest possible, most slender, huge breasted doll 


MCupplease is a TDF Senior Member and he wrote a great review on TDF about the HUGE Boobs 165cm/5ft4 doll from Sanhui.

I think his nickname is clear and we know what type of dolls he likes!!

I want to thank him for his great contribution and his agreement to share all this with you.

It seems that I’m in the minority around here, but I wanted the tallest possible, most slender, huge breasted doll on the market and I’m happy to say that this model knocks it out of the park.

To put icing on the cake it is made of high-quality silicone and sold at a price just a little above standard TPE dolls.

The people at Sanhui were lovely to deal with, very kind and understanding as this was my first doll and I had endless questions and concerns. It was built and arrived in about 7-10 days, but I ordered before the upsurge in popularity. Flawless with no surprises.

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Bea is Huge boobs Mature Latina BBW from Australia


Bea is the new Climax Doll 105cm/3ft3  Huge boobs doll of @Curveman, an AAP (Australian Active Poster on TDF). He already had two dolls one with giants breasts (WM Dolls 165cm K Cup), and one with big butt !!!… And @Curveman is like me… He loves HUGE BOOBS!

And when he can buy a HUGE BOOBS doll, he don’t waist time!

Discover his review published on TDF just below and visit his others threads.

Great Thanks @Curveman!!

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The New Dolly Dearest Blog

FireShot Capture 3 - Dolly Dearest - https___dollydearest9.wixsite.com_blog.png

Dolly Dearest is a big Dolls Fan with his three dolls. He created some great movies on his You Tube Channel (link below).

He sent me so many pics of one of his dolls:

And now he ants to share his life with his dolls in his NEW BLOG.

See the teaser in video just below and follow his blog!!

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Z-onedoll 151cm “Sophia” by @Sate


@Sate is a moderator of TDF. He’s a big dolls fan and  you can learn many things on Dolls with his comments, reviews, pics…

He offered various photo sets of his Z-OneDoll 151cm I Cup silicone doll, Sophia, and the unboxing and overview video. I’ve grouped everything below, but I invite you to go to the forum (links below) to ask any questions or just congratulate him!

Sophia Details: 

  • 151cm Silicone Body, Tan skin tone
  • A46 Head with Purple eyes
  • Pink Lips / Vaginal Color
  • Built In Vagina Cavity
  • Weight: 74.4lbs (With head, wig, and nightgown)

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Sukiwaai New vids from James Nolan


James Nolan, AKA Jimmizdollz is a SiliDoll Sukiwaai SiliDoll Sukiwaai doll’s owner. He wrote an excellent review, took pics and vids and released all on TDF.

I compiled all his contents below.

Member “Adventurer” posted a great informative thorough review of his new Sukiwaai doll. I cannot add much to that except for a few first day pictures of mine. She is absolutely incredible, her skin is so soft, her breasts so lifelike, her vagina so realistic, and that ass is pure erotic perfection……


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Nerota want you “meet Kathy WM 165cm K-cup pics and vids”


Nerota is a new dolls fan. He wanted to tell us his new experience with the WM Dolls 165cm K Cup. He wrote a new review on TDF and sent it to me with pics and vids.

I want to thank him for sharing all this with us!

Well she finally here!
1 x 165cm (5ft5) K-Cup Sex Doll
Skin Color: Fair
Head: #56
Eye Color: Blue Eyes
Hairstyle: 5
Vagina: Replaceable 2.5cm
Nipple Length: Long Length
Areola Size: 5cm
Areola Color: Pink
Labia Color: Pink
Pubic Hair: None
Pubic Hair Color: N/A
Manicure Color: Nude French Manicure
Toenail Polish Color: Natural
Foot Style: Stand Up Foot + $75
Accessories (Ships Separately): Add Care Kit + $69
Closet Bar Suspension Kit: CBS Kit -FREE-)

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