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Category: About life with doll

Sukiwaai New vids from James Nolan

James Nolan, AKA Jimmizdollz is a SiliDoll Sukiwaai SiliDoll Sukiwaai doll’s owner. He wrote an excellent review, took pics and vids and released all on TDF. I compiled all his […]

JunkGuy and WM165 K-Cup Brie

@JunkGuy is a TDF senior Member. He bought his new WM Doll 165cm K Cup last summer…. He experienced a complicated ordering time, but now he is living a new dream […]

New Excellent Suki Review by Adventurer

Adventurer wrote an excellent review of Suki from SILIDOLL, and took some great photos of his beauty. This review is the longest about Suki. Please take a seat and have […]

Erena Ichinose, French baby doll

Erena Ichinose is a french baby doll. She is born in the WM Dolls factory and now she lives in France with her loving photographer. She has some beautiful tatoos […]

The Mahtek Factories video tour 2016

Mahtek is a great star in the little doll’s fan world and Doll Patriarch on TDF. He’s a very good photographer and a great videographer. He made a series of […]

Monster review of DollHouse168 158cm Big Breast

Musabi fell in love with his new baby, a DollHouse168 158cm Big Breast: Tsukiumi. I want to thank him for entrusting us here his opinion and pictures. All this is of course very informative! […]

Linda the 155cm WM Dolls Of Will

@Will (AKA @Doll-I-AM on TDF) felt in love with Linda, a beautiful 155cm WM Dolls with big boobs. Her long brown hair, her incredible shapes and @will went crazy. He released […]