Thank You All!

I want to thank you for this year 2018 and your loyalty. I also had many new visitors and I also tried to offer you more and more different dolls.

In 2018, I had to close the YouTube, Vimeo, and more recently Tumblr and Pinterest accounts. The current state of mind is not at all conducive to the promotion of our favorite dolls.

The 2018 figures were excellent compared to the previous year as the blog again doubled its attendance statistics:

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RDA Best Dolls Awards 2018 Results

And here are the results of the RDA Best Dolls Awards 2018. First of all, I want to thank all the voters (more than 1600) who played the game to participate and express their choice.
I also want to wish everyone a wonderful year and a little early to all my Chinese partners who will soon celebrate their New Year. They will take a little break between 30th, Jan to 12th, Feb.
But now is the long-awaited moment of revelation.

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RDA Bests Dolls Awards 2018 – FINAL {UPDATE}

You voted until January 5th to select the 3 finalists in each category…. Now it is time to vote for the winners until January 15, the closing date for the votes.

Like each year ( RDA Best Doll Award 2016 / RDA Best Doll Award 2017 – Results) ,  I have made a selection of the dolls that were created this year and have had the most success. Like last year, there are 3 categories :

  • Huge Boobs,
  • Big Boobs
  • Medium/Small Boobs.

You can vote for each of them by choosing the models you prefer.

This year, we are changing the vote a little bit since it will be done in two stages: the selection for the play-offs and the final with 3 per category.

You can therefore vote until January 5 for the 3 models by category.

From January 6 to January 15, you will have to come back to vote for the 3 finalists selected by you.

The last nominees are:

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@Mason703 presents his Huge boobs Amber

@Mason703 is a Senior Member of TDF and he loves Huge boobs dolls like me!!

He sold his previous doll (Mason703 is selling his 158 LeAnne to get a different color) and now he gets Amber, a beautiful 159cm/5ft2, the World’s Biggest Butt Doll.

This is my new AMBER 159cm doll from Passiondolls
The skin color is natural and the head is a Kelli face.
The breasts and ass on this doll are very realistic and feel amazing.
The weight of the doll is fairly reasonable as well, relative to larger dolls.
The joints are firm but not extremely difficult to move around.
Feel free to message me for any questions or advice.

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Special Request for a Dutch TV Show

Dear real doll lovers,

I’m a researcher for a public Dutch television broadcaster BNNVARA and we are portraying unique people with unique stories. It’s a human interest based show.

We are making an episode about special love relationships and we would love to make a portrait of a person that has a love relationship with a real doll but for this we have to find one.

Can you help us find a person who wants to tell his story or do you know more about this subject?

Please contact me at

Hope to hear from you.

Best wishes



RDA Best Doll Award 2017 – Results


First of all I would like to thank you for your votes, more than 1000 in the categories in this new 2107 Best Doll Awards. Last Year, we celebrated the victory of the “CLM 160” in RDA Best Doll Awards 2016

For the first time, there are three winners: “Huge Boobs”, “Big Boobs” and “Medium and Small boobs”.

I let you discover them below… And The Winners are…

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RDA Best Doll Award 2017, Continue to VOTE – Hidden Results


Like last year ( RDA Best Doll Award 2016) , I am organizing the RDA Best Doll Award 2017.
I have made a selection of the dolls that were created this year and have had the most success. This year, I decided to create 3 categories : Huge Boobs, Big Boobs and Medium/Small Boobs.

You can vote for each of them by choosing the model you prefer.

The votes are open until 31 December!

The results of the votes are now hidden.

You only have 15 days left to designate your favorite doll of the year

And now, the nominees are:

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