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A brand new model of WM Dolls

And I think we’re not done talking about it yet, because WM Dolls is probably releasing another best seller… The WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup.

WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup
WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup

This new sex doll is beautiful. She is presented for the first time with the face #33, which is well known by the fans, and which you saw last time in “Work at home“.
But let’s come back to the well tanned body of this new extremely desirable beauty… And we are really spoiled for this discovery of the new one with an outfit that is perfect: a little pink top too short (Yes!), a little matching skirt, too short (Yes, Yes), woolen stockings with little pink bows (Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes), and the cherry on the cake, platform shoes and high heels…. OMG……

WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup
WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup

Ah yes I forgot, she has a small matched thong, which will not remain for a long time in its place… If she arrived like that at my place, I do not know if I would be able to calm down!

A dream body

Yes I’m not afraid to say it, the beautiful one is super well done. She has a nice pair of tits, a super thin waist, a good ass, and long legs. When you take her measurements that you can see just below, you quickly understand that the choices were well made. I just have a doubt about the size of the F cup communicated by WM Dolls, since personally, I think more of an I cup.

Perfect tits

What I particularly like about this new sex doll, and I think you will share my opinion, are her breasts. The shape remains quite natural, quite round, with nipples that go out a little bit. As she has a fine waist, they stand out especially.

WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup
WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup

Imagine your head in the middle of her breasts, one minute … But do not enjoy right away … there is still the rest!

Additional assets

Yes because this new sex doll has also taken care of her small ass… well not so small as that with her 89cm – 35 inches hips. Its buttocks well domed under its skirt are a true invitation to the pleasure.

WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup

To finish, and after I let you enjoy the pictures, the length of her legs is crazy. She measures only 5 feet and 3 inches or 162cm and yet she gives the impression to have legs of more than 3 feet (or about 1 meter).

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm F Cup Specs

  • Height: 5ft3 162 cm 
  • Bust:  83cm – 32.67in
  • Underbust: 59cm – 23.2
  • Cup: F
  • Waist: 54cm – 21.26in
  • Hip: 89cm – 35in  
  • Weight: 34kg – 75lbs


  1. I am in love! She looks like a hybrid between a high class stripper and my favourite Anime fantasy girl. Oh Boy, this looks like a great doll for sex!

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