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A super natural sex doll

A small news to be discovered today with this sex doll of SEDOLL, which has some assets to give you desire to cross the step if it is not already done.
I know that many of you are unconditional fans of these rather natural and well drawn sex dolls. I think it’s really a strong trend of the moment. Soon we will have sex robots that will be close to reality to simply forget that they are robots, and just enjoy the pleasure they give us.

SEDOLL 5ft3 163cm

Here again, we are in the standards, of the trend, with a sex doll of more than 5 feet and two inches or about 160cm. This is neither too big nor too small. We can say what we want, but me who has a sex doll of less than 5 feet, I feel obliged to put very high heels on her so that the difference seems less big. For certain positions it can sometimes be embarrassing without it being a problem.

A rather light sex doll

One of the big strong points of this sex doll is that it weighs “only” 33kgs – 72.75lbs; it’s really a good weight for this type of sex doll. So obviously, she has a small chest, and rather reasonable measurements: 82cm – 32.28 inches / 55cm – 21.65 inches.
/ 83cm – 32.68 inches.

Beautiful small well formed tits

Her tits are rather well done, with a slightly flattened shape, which is not what I prefer, I admit. The nipples are very well drawn, and you’ll see on the two series of photos (and yes I’m still spoiling you), they are very different colors. The first ones are brown rather natural, while the second ones are rather pinkish and very small.

Details, details, details

By the way, to continue to present you this sex doll of SEDOLL, you will also see on the two series different skin tones. The second is very particular, to my taste, because very white. I wonder what effect that must have in real life since I never had the occasion to see one like that. If you have one, I’ll take any photos and videos you have.

As always SEDOLL took care of the details of this sex doll and you can only admire the lines of the belly and the hips. Her ass is a bit flat, in my opinion, but it must be because I’m a fan of good big asses.

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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SEDOLL 5ft3 163cm E Cup Specs

  • Height: 163cm – 5ft3
  • Full Bust: 82cm – 32.28in
  • Under Bust: 62cm – 24.41in
  • E Cup
  • Waist: 55cm – 21.65in
  • Hips: 83cm – 32.68in
  • Weight: 33kgs – 72.75lbs

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