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Tall Sex Doll to have fun with

WM Dolls has been producing for some time one of the biggest sex dolls on the market: The WM Dolls 5ft7 172cm D cup. Attention, once again, it should not be confused with her model of the same size, but with a smaller chest cup B. These two models are very close, but I really prefer this one.

A desirable sex doll

This sex doll is very desirable and very desired. I think you will agree with me that this model is really one of the success of the manufacturer. It is not new and you have highly appreciated it in the previous articles which are: “Sport at home” or “The blue suits her so well” or “Photo session at the beach for this tall sexdoll”.

This sex doll has everything of a world famous model, and we could easily see her parading on the biggest stages of the world for the greatest fashion designers. First of all, her measurements. They are quite simply copied on the biggest stars of the Fashion: 89 cm – 35 inches / 61 cm – 24 inches / 88 cm – 34.5 inches, and we could add her weight lower than a mannequin with her modest 38kg – 84 lbs, but a little high for a sex doll. Still, we must not forget that she measures more than 5 feet and 7 inches or 172cm.

Her tits may be a little big for this type of model, but frankly they are beautiful. The shape, the roundness, the touch, everything is perfectly realized and produces the expected effect.

With Head #266

A sporty sex doll

You can imagine that to have a body like hers, she can’t stay on her couch drinking coke and eating hamburgers. She has to take care of herself. So she’s a sports addict… And when you see her abs and her muscular ass, you can tell she’s not kidding about her workouts.

Now that she’s warmed up, you can’t disappoint her… So now it’s up to you to give her all you’ve got!

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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WM Dolls 5ft7 172cm D Cup Specs

  • Height: 172 cm – 5ft7
  • Bust: 89 cm – 35in
  • D cup
  • Waist: 61 cm – 24in
  • Hips: 88 cm – 34,5in
  • Weight: 38kg – 84 lbs

With Head #336


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