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A brand new sex doll from WM Dolls

WM Dolls offers us a new sex doll: the 5ft4 164cm G cup
This new sex doll is therefore of an intermediate size and seems to correspond to a trend of sex dolls measuring more than 5 feet and 2 inches or about 160cm.

The combination of TPE and silicone

Another trend confirmed by this new sex doll is the association between a body made of TPE and a silicone face. This combination, which allows to have a fine and high quality face at a reasonable cost, becomes almost a market standard for all manufacturers. The difficulty linked to a difference in color between the two materials seems to be completely mastered from now on.

In this series, you can see the face number 4 of WM Dolls. This face with the Asian line is beautiful. The realism is really incredible. Her brown eyes are underlined by a neat make-up and very fine eyelashes and eyebrows. The mouth that promises us hours of pleasure is of an infinite softness. Finally, the hair implanted directly in the head adds to the realism of the whole.

A realistic and natural body

This new sex doll from WM Dolls is of course a success. She has a very natural and therefore very reasoned measurements, with her 31.5 inches – 80cm / 22.8 inches – 58cm / 33.85 inches – 86cm.

She has well rounded, very natural tits with this shape slightly on the outside, and a satisfactory G cup. Her beautiful perfectly positioned nipples are soft and silky. They invite you to take care of them with love and envy.

As always, the details of the belly and hips are particularly well done. This body is not muscular and remains very feminine.

Its small but not too big butt with still 33.85 inches – 86cm hip circumference, and therefore sufficiently rounded will be a delight for amateurs.

Even if she seems a bit heavy with her 77.16lbs or 35kg, this sex doll seems to be well born and promises a lot of pleasure to her buyers. It will be necessary to make me a return for those who decide to cross the step.
So that you can fully enjoy it, I added another session with the face in TPE #336. Indeed, this more known face of WM Dolls is western type and therefore probably more familiar to us.

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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WM DOLLS 5ft4 164cm G Cup Specs

  • Height: 5ft4 – 164cm
  • Upper breasts:31.5in – 80cm
  • Under breasts:24.4in – 62cm
  • Waist:22.8in – 58cm
  • Hips:33.85in – 86cm
  • Weight: 77.16lbs – 35KG

Head #336


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