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A home care nurse

I think I found the ideal sex doll to heal all your little boo-boos at home, without moving. It will be completely dedicated to you and you can be pampered quietly.
This sex doll of SEDOLL is a great success. It is a large sex doll of 5 feet and 6 inches or 168cm. She weighs about 39 kg or 86lbs, which is not so excessive for a sex doll of this size.

A perfect body?

This is really a question I asked myself when I saw this rather recent sex doll. Her measurements are perfect: 90 cm – 27.2 inches / 59 cm – 23.2 inches / 90 cm – 35.4 inches. So we can expect to be on a successful model.
Obviously for those who prefer enormous tits or very small, this sex doll will not be appropriate… although, to change a little often makes good!

And when we see the tits of this sex doll, it gives desire of change, not?….

The shape is really well chosen and the very natural drawing of the breasts suits perfectly this body. We could have hoped maybe for an extra cup size …
For the belly, the abdominals and the navel, it’s excellent work. For her ass, you won’t have the chance to see it in this series of photos, and the video… But be patient, I promise you a new post in which you will be able to see it.

Monica’s face 077

Monica is sublime, there is nothing to say about her… You know that I love nurses (and I still applaud them today for everything they do), since I regularly show you pictures of them, notably the latest one in “A sexdoll, nurse at home“.

Monica has SEDOLL’s 077 face. And I love this face. With this purple hair and this haircut, I think she is terribly sexy.

This head is very well proportioned, with a fairly long nose, a small, well-designed mouth with the option of a tongue (indispensable of course), and a very pointed chin. The choice of brown eyes is rather well done, but I would have seen her well with blue eyes.

  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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SEDOLL 090 5ft6 168cm F cup Specs

  • Height: 5ft6 – 168cm
  • Bust: 90 cm – 27.2in
  • Cup: F
  • Waist: 59 cm- 23.2in
  • Hips: 90 cm – 35.4in
  • Weight: 39 kg – 86lbs

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