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Small Boobs SexDolls For Fans

HR Doll has created two models of 158cm or 5 feet and 18 inches. These two models have their respective little successes, and I confess here that I have shown one more than the other… I know you will forgive me when I will remind you which model it is…
Here is this famous model with its huge breasts: the HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup. I had shown it to you in the 2 previous posts: “Monster Truck by a big-breasted SexDoll” and “The MILF with her big breasts is testing her new bikini“.

 HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup.
HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup

Do you understand me now?
Although this sex doll is a bit heavy with its 40kg or 88.18 Ibs, we can only enjoy this exceptional model… I let you review the two articles quoted to convince you.

The other model 5ft2 158cm of HR Doll

But now, especially for those who do not know it at all, I must show you the other model of the same size. And that’s why I decided to let you enjoy all the photos and videos that exist!
So here is the HR Doll 5ft2 158cm with her small B cup breasts.

HR Doll 5ft1 158cm B Cup
HR Doll 5ft1 158cm B Cup

And as I know that you like to know more and more, I present you here this sex doll with 6 different faces, the number 12 and from number 43 to 47. You will be entitled to 2 declensions of the face #12, so that makes us 7 versions of this sex doll!

As you can see, these faces are very different from each other. The hairs are also of all colors and lengths. So you can realize that this model can really have several personalities just by changing the head, the eyes and the hair.

A realistic but heavy sex doll

But let’s start first with the detail of this sex doll. The general measurements of this model are quite astonishing.
Although they look quite classic for a small-breasted sex doll with her 31.9 inches – 81cm / 22.8 inches – 58cm / 34.3 inches – 87cm, she weighs quite heavy with 86 Ibs or 39kg. I admit I was surprised when I saw her. HR Doll models are not especially known to be light, but for this model I thought it would be a little over 66lbs or 30kg.

HR Doll 5ft1 158cm B Cup
HR Doll 5ft1 158cm B Cup

This body is still a success with beautiful details, such as the shape of the breasts, the belly, her pretty little ass and even the back with the shoulder blades and the spine design.

HR Doll 5ft1 158cm B Cup
HR Doll 5ft1 158cm B Cup

HR Doll 5ft2 158cm B Cup Specs

  • Height: 5.ft 18 in – 158 cm
  • Cup: B
  • Bust: 31.9 in – 81cm
  • Underbust: 28 in – 71cm
  • Waist: 22.8 in – 58cm
  • Hips: 34.3 in – 87cm
  • Weight: 86 Ibs – 39kg
  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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With Head #43

Head #44

NUHA – 158CM | 5′ 1″ – H CUP – $2,000.00 on

Head #45

Head #46

Head #47

Head #12 – Part 1

Head #12 Part 2

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  1. In all these cases, “small boobs” doesn’t mean “flat chest”, they remain feminine and desirable, they’re OK for me 😉

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