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A brand new WM Dolls for this end of summer

How I love this moment when you can discover a brand new sex doll. The production is well recovered from all these bad events and allows us to enjoy this new model.

A tall sex doll a bit heavy

WM Dolls offers us a tall sex doll of 168cm or 5 feet and 5 inches, with a medium bust and a good big ass. We will immediately evoke the weight of this sex doll, which culminates at 43.2 kg or 95.24lbs!
So it seems that the roundness of this body has increased the weight well. I admit that I was surprised when I discovered these figures. To see what you will think of it…
But let’s keep going around with this new sex doll.

A super realistic sex doll

Let’s say it right away, WM Dolls has as often realized a beautiful body with beautiful details. All the work consisted in producing a realistic sex doll. This model is of a standard size large enough for the average production, but more “humanlike”.

The chosen general measurements of 94 cm – 37 inches / 58 cm – 22.83 inches / 98 cm – 38.58 inches, are those of a rather average woman.

If we continue to detail, the tits are of a very natural shape. They are not too big with their F cup, oriented slightly outward, with a fairly large neckline, and well rounded underneath.

They have very apparent abdominal muscles without appearing too muscular.

Finally, this sex doll has beautiful hips, good thighs, and a nice well formed ass.

A future star?

I’m having a little trouble answering that question. The tendency is to propose realistic sex dolls, and the arrival of sex robots will probably accentuate this movement even more. Now, are we looking for models that look like real women, or rather like fantasy women?… I have my own opinion on the matter, but I’d like to have yours!

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
User Review
3.38 (8 votes)

WM Dolls 5ft5 168cm F Cup Specifications

  • Bust:94 cm – 37in
  • Under bust:67 cm – 26.37in
  • Cup: F
  • Waist:58 cm – 22.83in
  • Hips:98 cm – 38.58in
  • Weight:43.2 kg – 95.24lbs.


  1. Definitely another winner by WM. The top picture set – face and hair fits that body perfectly.
    I didn’t realize they were coloring the vagina now and that is another big plus.

    Hopefully this becomes like their 170H/M series and they make a version of this with an N or O [or dare i say.. R] cup, without changing any of the other dimensions or curves of this doll. If they could increase the cup size and retain the slope, direction, droop and shape of these breasts – they would tempt even more.

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