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Yukina, a beautiful little bitch.

Yeah, she’s a beautiful little slut… And she loves it when you use those words for her. She’s a real sex doll, who loves sex! And that’s what we’re asking her, isn’t it? Today, I’m not introducing you to a new sex doll. Today, I’m back with one of the best sex dolls ever made!

A famous sex doll

YL Doll offered us this model in 2019. And since then, it is still in the catalog, since it is a great success. And it’s well deserved! This sex doll is terribly exciting. Every time I showed it to you, not only did you like it very much, but you voted for it, especially in “Sexy Maid For One Night“.

She comes back even more hot, with Yukina’s famous face #76, which is also a real success, and which suits this body perfectly.

Why so much success for this model?

For those like me who like big tits, this is not necessarily your favorite sex doll. But, I think, that like me, sometimes, you like to change… and nothing like this type of sex dolls, to “remotivate”!
This sex doll is not very big, but if you put high heels on her, she will easily exceed 6 feet or 160cm. She is very light since she does not exceed 30kg or 66lbs.

YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 D Cup
YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 D Cup

This sex doll however seems very slender, since she is very thin. Her measurements of 73cm – 28.74 inches / 51cm – 20.07 inches / 85cm – 33.46 inches give her a beautiful silhouette with this perfect ass!

How good her ass is, with her two beautiful buttocks … I think it’s a sex doll that is mainly fucked from behind, and in all positions. As soon as she puts her ass behind you, you go crazy!

YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 D Cup
YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 D Cup

Her little tits are well defined with their pear shape… And with the nipple piercing, it becomes very, very sexy …

Our Yukina is an object of intense desire, and you would be wrong to frustrate her by just looking at her…

YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 D Cup
YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 D Cup
  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
User Review
4.44 (9 votes)

YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 D Cup Measurement

  • Height:151cm – 4ft95
  • Bust:73cm – 28.74in
  • Under bust: 58cm – 22.83in
  • Waist:51cm – 20.07in
  • Hip:85cm – 33.46in
  • Weight:29.8kg – 65.69lbs

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