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The devil herself

Sometimes you realize that the man has sold his soul to the devil. But sometimes you know it’s impossible to resist it.
And when the devil produces an evil elf, you can’t resist it for long.

HR Doll’s Elf sex doll

This isn’t the first elf sex doll I’ve featured in this blog. I guess sex doll lovers love tales and legends. We are full of fantasies and desires. And it is important for us to be able to indulge ourselves with something new.

So what’s new in HR Doll’s proposal?

We have to admit that HR Doll has taken care of the presentation of her sex doll 5ft4 165cm E cup.

But beware, I have already presented a model with the same size in several articles like “A photo session with Princess Yaolin” or “The Sex Doll star was blonde” or “Lesley’s videos“, but with very different measurements: 80cm – 31.5 inches / 56cm – 22.05 inches / 89cm – 35.04 inches.

There, HR Doll proposes another sex doll of the same size 5ft4 or 165cm with more “magic” measurements: 95 cm – 37.4 inches / 60 cm – 23.6 inches / 112 cm – 44 inches. So this elf has bigger breasts, a size almost as thin, and a huge ass!
And to get into the reality of this elven character, HR Doll has precisely chosen the details of her evil sex doll. Her skin is very dark, her nipples are almost black and her outfit is vegetal!

Of course, we have to talk about this face #43, which is incredible. I think it’s the elf face, the scariest one I’ve ever seen.
The ears are pointed of course, but the shape of the teeth, her big eyes and this make-up give a new look. The shape of the face in triangle participates in the supernatural effect of this head.

HR Doll 5ft41 – 165 cm Big Butts

Now you know everything… or almost everything. Imagine walking into the room. She’s in your bed, under the duvet… She’s waiting for you… Will you survive it?… I don’t think so!

HR Doll 5ft41 – 165 cm Big Butts Specs

  • Bust : 95 cm – 37.4 in
  • Bra Size : E Cup
  • Waist : 60 cm – 23.6 in
  • Hips : 112 cm – 44 in
  • Weight : 51 kg – 112.4 Ibs
  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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  1. I wouldn’t mind having this “monster” in my bed though 😉

    My ultimate dream(or nightmare)would be a sexdoll with the jaws of Mileena(especially the face in Mortal Kombat 9 game) 😀

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