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Yes guys and girls… you always want more, and you deserve more!… And that’s why you need more!
So Irontech Doll gives you more… they’re not the only ones, but they do it well…
And how?… by offering you this Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm H Cup Plus.

Okay okay, I’ve already shown it to you (Doris Is A Naked Sexdoll or Saya gives you more!), and I especially like this sex doll. But you’re not gonna complain?
Today, I met Julia and Sarah for you. They’re two friends who look a lot alike, I think. These two sex dolls are brown with rather extreme oriental faces, even if we can say that they have largely westernized in their lines. They still have a bit of almond-shaped eyes, but I think this is the only Asian characteristic that can be attributed to them.

They were on holiday when I first met them. We talked a lot, and they decided to find out more about what I was doing but separately…


Julia is a young journalist. And when she called me back, I understood that she wanted to move to the other side of the lens. But she’s not a professional, nor a model… so I had to be really patient so that she could relax and we could make a nice series.
Julia came with a pink top, a small pair of shorts rather badly cut, and small open shoes with small golden heels.

Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus
Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus

I didn’t think she was very sexy for a photo session that had to be. But it was no big deal… I knew the potential she had under her uninteresting clothes. I started right away in the living room. I knew I couldn’t wait to put her in front of a camera.

She was embarrassed, but in the living room, everything was going pretty well. I let her do it, and she took some rather common, but really interesting poses.

Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus
Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus

She felt that she needed to give more… And “more” is the right word… She pulled her tits out of that awful top… and I knew why I always wanted “more”.

Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus

  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 163cm – 5ft3
  • Upper Breast: 96cm – 37.8 in
  • Under Breast: 71cm – 27.95 in
  • H Cup
  • Waist: 62cm – 24.41 in
  • Hips: 94cm -37.01 in
  • Weight: 37kgs / 81.57lbs
  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
User Review
3.75 (12 votes)


With Sarah, it happened completely differently. First of all, it was me who went to her house… and not the other way around… And when I arrived, she was already ready… or just out of bed… But in any case, she made a strong impression on me!

Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus
Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus

Already the choice of her outfit was perfect. Beautiful white stockings, a garter to match her outfit, a very sexy little top with panties and this little fabric necklace…

These little red knots on her necklace, top and garter excited me a lot.

Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus
Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus

And indeed, she took me straight to her room. She took perfect poses and I felt in me more and more intense desires. She showed me one breast, then the other. Her beautiful, round and very natural tits were very photogenic. I was enjoying myself behind the camera.

Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus
Irontech Doll 5ft3 163cm Plus

Pose after pose, I felt like a professional. Sarah became my favorite of the two… With her, I asked for “more” and I got it!


  1. Both are hot, but my vote goes to Sarah, and you easily guess why 😀

    I would eat her pussy like the strawberries of her lingerie 🙂

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