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Sex Dolls Collection, Vote for your Fav!

8 JY Doll just for you !… No I’m not kidding. I prepared this post with love, passion and a lot of excitement, because today I propose you to enjoy 8 variations of the JY Doll 5ft4 164cm.

And as I want to know more about your tastes, I also propose you a little vote to know which one you prefer!
You can choose your 3 favorites in case you have any hesitation…

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The JY Doll 5ft4 164cm model

First of all, just a little return on this JY Doll model which is probably one of the most beautiful of this manufacturer, even if in my opinion it still weighs a bit heavy. 5ft4 or 164cm seems to me to be a good size for a sexdoll. So it’s neither too big nor too small.

This sexdoll accumulates many very positive points starting with its pretty tits, very big, very firm and well drawn. Indeed, she has a bust circumference of more than 39 inches or 100cm. Dressed, this sexdoll offers a wide and very sexy cleavage.

She has a very fine waist of 20.5 inches or 52cm, which contrasts well with her breasts. In addition, this sexdoll has beautiful details on the belly, since we can see the ribs and she has a small belly a little plump and very natural.

Finally, at 35 inches or 89 centimeters, her hips are well proportioned, and give her a nice little ass …

8 Sex dolls on Vote for your favorite!


The first proposal for this model of JY Doll is Alysa. She has a silicone face with implanted hair. But first of all, Alysa is a young Asian sex doll very sexy and very fresh. Secondly, she is beautiful, classy and elegant. In her white outfit, you can enjoy her shapes. More comfortable in her bedroom, she undresses and shows us her sexy white lingerie set.

JY Doll 5ft4 164cm Specs

  • Height: 164cm – 5ft4
  • Full Bust: 100cm – 39.4in
  • Under Bust: 72cm  28.3in
  • Waist: 52cm – 20.5in
  • Hips: 89cm – 35in
  • Weight: 42.5kg 93.7lbs.


Polly’s a lot wilder than Alysa. She likes sex. Clearly, she’s a sexdoll who wants to get fucked. Face in TPE, leather collar and matching bustier, she’s ready to turn you on. And above all, she hasn’t forgotten her fishnet tights and high-heeled shoes. With Polly, you’ll have to be in shape.


Azura is an Italian sex doll. She’s terribly beautiful. Her European face in TPE is very soft with beautiful details like her quite long eyebrows, her very fine mouth and her small chin.
This softness from the south of Europe will give you pleasure, but it will always start with the eyes when you see her with her short skirt, her long legs and her cleavage.


Ron’s very typical. There’s no doubt that Ron is a South China sex doll. Indeed, his fine and very long TPE face with his sublime almond-shaped eyes doesn’t fool anyone. However, she has nice big tits… And it’s this contrast that makes her irresistible !
Finally, her tattoo on her left breast, her red dress matching her high heels shoes will really please you.


Adele’s a French sex doll… And it shows. She’s both very sensual and very romantic. For this presentation, Adele chose a black lingerie both fine and very sexy. In suspender belt and high heels, she wears a very large knit dress that does not hide anything, but excites the eye even more. For sure, Adele does not joke about sex, and she wants your sex to be hard to get the maximum pleasure from it…

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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Lily (Silicone Head with implanted hair)

Lily is very sweet, very tender, very self-effacing, and almost shy. Clearly, this sex doll from Japan will be docile and pleasant. For today, she’s graduating and wearing her college uniform. She is very young and virgin. And you can’t expect any hardcore sex. But she will know how to take the time to make you come softly. Every gesture will give you pleasure. The magic of her movements will make you understand all the mysteries of the Far East.

JYDoll 164cm (5ft4′) Silicone Head with Implanted Hair Role Playing Wifey Love Doll – Sareena – 2,199 USD on


How can I describe Gia? Gia chose to get married. Yes, she’s ready to give herself body and soul. As you can see, she’s not looking for a fleeting love or a fleeting sexual moment. She wants more. She wants to share her life. Gia is from northern China. So, she’s very traditional. But Gia is no less sexy and whoever shares her life with her won’t regret it. He will have all his desires fulfilled, because in the intimacy of the couple she has no taboos…

Catherine, The XMas Sex Doll

A mother christmas in the middle of summer is not that common, and I think she would have missed out on that Asian beauty list. Yeah, Catherine doesn’t have an Asian name because she’s of European descent. And that makes her even more charming. But does she need it? Indeed, this young sex doll is really beautiful. With her very low-cut red outfit and her little necklace, she looks like the unexpected gift that we want to see under the tree…


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