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A fat sex doll with huge tits

AF Dolls is a sex doll specialist with big breasts, or rather huge breasts. Just have a look at the excellent latest models produced by the brand.

We can mention the recent AF Dolls 5ft1 155cm very muscular to see in ” A craving for big tits “, the sublime AF Dolls 5ft5 170cm O Cup to see again in “An evening at the ambassador’s house” and this huge AF Dolls 5ft4 165cm Fat Body already seen in “NEW AF Dolls Fat Body Sex Doll“.

These 3 sex dolls all have big tits, a very well designed body and generally a nice ass. AF Dolls also proposes in general very beautiful faces and it is the case of these 3 sex dolls presented.

Long live the FAT

Everything!… not quite. This sex doll measures 5ft4 or 165cm, which makes it a perfect size, or in any case in the top of the average for a sex doll, knowing that the biggest culminate in 3 inches or 10cm more. We can say that it is thus rather tall.

This sex doll has big breasts, as we said, but I didn’t give you her breast size, nor the cup… So we are on a 101 cm or 39.7 inches with a circumference under the breast of 60 cm or 23.6 inches, which gives a P cup! So we’re talking huge boobs. The amateurs of the kind already salivate…

AF Dolls 5ft5 165cm P cup - Huge boobs
AF Dolls 5ft5 165cm P cup – huge tits

But this isn’t over. She’s pretty chubby. Those like me who like very thin, rather unnatural sizes will be a little disappointed. But in this case, you have to turn to the last YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup (Trio of sex dolls) or the two AF Dolls I mentioned earlier (except this Fat Body of course).

So this sex doll has a waist circumference of 86 cm or 33.9 inches and a hip circumference of 108cm or 42.5 inches… This makes it a very large sex doll with very nice shapes. Nothing very sporty and only comfort!

AF Dolls 5ft5 165cm P cup – huge tits

As you can see on the picture, she also has a good ass and nice big thighs. It makes me hungry all this…

Is this the right sex doll?

Well, that’s the right question… All right, I’ll ask myself. But how could I not?

This sex doll with huge tits, a great big ass, measuring over 5 feet or 160cm, weighs 55 Kg or 121.25lbs !… It’s heavy. You’ll have to know it to enjoy this beautiful sex doll. You’ll ride her more often than she’ll ride you. But when you’ll hit her big ass, and you’ll see her big tits swinging… you’ll thank me… Well, right after!

A set with the face #108

AF Dolls 5ft5 165cm P cup - head #108
AF Dolls 5ft5 165cm P cup – Head #108

This series of photos is proposed to you with the pretty face #108, with a rather short and blond haircut.

She wears big creoles very sexy. Her outfit is unequivocal, since she is in black lingerie, low with garter belts at mid-thigh, and pretty black patent heel shoes …

Have fun!

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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AF Dolls 5ft5 165cm P cup Specifications

  • Height: 165 cm 5ft5
  • Full Bust: 101 cm – 39.7 in
  • Under Bust: 60 cm – 23.6 in
  • Waist: 86 cm – 33.9 in
  • Hips: 108cm – 42.5 in
  • Weight:  55 Kg – 121.25lbs


  1. I think Al was referring to the placement of the holes? In doggy style you can’t access the pussy since they’re too far apart. Seen this design with other manufacturers.
    Anyway this doll look similar to 6ye 165N. Can you tell me which of the two has a thicker thigh circumference? I really like big butt on dolls but must also have thick thighs as well

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