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Small Boobs Christmas Sex Doll

It’s Christmas time, so you should take advantage of it to give yourself gifts!

I already offered you, a few days ago a Christmas sex doll, here is the second one… and yes there will be more!

Small tits but high class

This sexdoll is becoming well known, since it is the WM Dolls 5ft7 172cm B cup. This great sex doll is really an internationally renowned model.

If you want to have a star on the podium, I think you found her.

WM Dolls 172cm 5ft7 B cup

As always, WM Dolls produces beautiful bodies filled with detail. Here again, we cannot be disappointed. The shape of the breasts is perfect. The stomach, hips, thighs and feet, as well as the back, are very well made. We really get closer with this sexdoll to reality as closely as possible.

Consistent with her measurements, she has a small ass and her buttocks are really well drawn. There’s even a little something on the side….. On all fours, seen from behind, she becomes irresistible, even for those who are more interested in big breasts like me.

WM Dolls 172cm 5ft7 B cup

Beautiful blonde

This beauty with a face #273 is sublime. She has long blond hair that goes very well with her hazel eyes.

WM Dolls 172cm 5ft7 B cup

For this photo session, there are not many frills or accessories: a Christmas hat, a small transparent top, panties, and white socks. It couldn’t be simpler. Maybe a little too much!… But it has some pretty details, like a navel piercing… and an option that we rarely see, especially on this type of sexdoll, a little pussy not completely shaved! So you have some hair for amateurs.

She poses naked for most of the session, since the beautiful woman decided to undress very quickly. You will be able to enjoy all possible angles of view.

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
User Review
4.57 (14 votes)

WM Dolls 172cm 5ft7 B Cup

  • Height: 172cm – 5ft7
  • Full Bust: 79cm – 31.1in
  • Under Bust: 66cm – 26in
  • B cup
  • Waist: 58cm – 22.8in
  • Hips: 86cm – 33.9in
  • Weight: 38.5kg – 84.8lbs


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