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Emily’s Afternoon Fitness Workout

Hey, here’s the rest of Belle’s life, Andy’s new friend. This Hidoll 158cm 5ft2 is really lucky to know her owner and I am delighted that he shares his pictures of the beautiful one with us.

So you already know Belle. I presented it to you in a previous post: Belle the Beautiful Artist By Andy

Belle is a pretty redhead with blue eyes and a fleshy mouth. She has a big pair of tits and a nice wide ass. It is not out of the ordinary, but in a rather high average.

Belle is a pretty redhead with blue eyes and a fleshy mouth. She has a big pair of tits and a nice wide ass. Click To Tweet
Belle – Hidoll 158cm 5ft2

New Sex Doll with pussy in her huge boobs

This sex doll is a little special compared to the current production.

The biggest feature is in her huge tits. And yes, it is possible to fuck one… or both if you’re in great shape. Because this beautiful woman hides a secret (2 even) under each of her nipples: two additional clitoris.

Fucking within huge boobs, isn't so nuts? Click To Tweet

I admit I don’t know what it feels like to penetrate a boob, but I guess it can’t be bad.

Sport Session

And to give Andy that much pleasure, Belle has to stay in shape too. So today a small fitness session is required. But you’ll soon realize that Belle can’t stay focused for long, and that Andy’s camera is never really far away.

But with 3 clitoris, an anus and such big tits, Belle is inevitably irresistible. Too bad it will complete her sports session!

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
User Review
3.73 (11 votes)
HIDOLL 158cm 5ft2

CLARINE – 158CM | 5′ 1″ – H CUP (PUSSY BREASTS)- $2,499.00 

HiDoll 158cm 5ft2 new doll pussy breast huge boobs

  • Height:158cm – 5ft2
  • Bust:106cm – 41.73in
  • Waist:53cm – 20.87in
  • Hip:93cm – 36.61in
  • Weight:39.5kg – 87.08 lbs


  1. I’m just curious who ranks these dolls. Is that quality or just your personal preference? How are some ugly dolls 4.5, and other dolls 3.5?

  2. I saw a video of this body.The 106 cm bust shows a very nice wobbling. The pussy in her breast is not my thing. The body permanent makeup of areola and vagina should be better.

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