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Elsa – #1 part

I met Elsa during one of my photographic walks. Yes, indeed, I love nature and I enjoy contemplating it and taking some pictures at sunrise or sunset.

Elsa is a YL Doll 5ft1 155cm D cup sexdoll. She’s beautiful. I immediately hooked up with her.

Elsa was jogging and like any good Sunday morning sportsman, she stops several times to take breaks, stretch and relax. She saw me taking a picture of a rare plant and she was interested. She came up to me and asked me questions.

I immediately felt that she was familiar with photographic practice and we exchanged several minutes on the subject. I quickly explained my work, and the fact that I also did portraits and nude photography. And then it was the trigger.

She asked me right away if I would agree to take pictures of her. In front of this slender body, her slender little breasts, her athletic hips and her firm little ass, how could I tell her no.

So I suggested a little session directly in the park. We found a discreet place, quite easily, since there was no one there at this early hour. And I let him choose her poses by guiding her slightly and gently. She loved it. She really loved it.
It is certain that we will repeat the experiment.

  • Weight
  • Face
  • Height
  • Boobs
  • Butt
  • Sexy
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YL Doll 155cm / 5ft1 D cup Measurements

  • Height:155cm – 5ft 1
  • Full Bust:84cm –  33.1 in
  • Under Bust:63cm – 24.8 in
  • Waist:55cm- 21.7 in
  • Hips:90cm – 35.4 in
  • Weight:34kg – 75lbs

155cm (5ft1′) D – Cup Sensual Brunette Love Doll Rinia
1,899 USD

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