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Thank You All!

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I want to thank you for this year 2018 and your loyalty. I also had many new visitors and I also tried to offer you more and more different dolls.

In 2018, I had to close the YouTube, Vimeo, and more recently Tumblr and Pinterest accounts. The current state of mind is not at all conducive to the promotion of our favorite dolls.

The 2018 figures were excellent compared to the previous year as the blog again doubled its attendance statistics:

  • 449,776 visitors
  • 334 posts

And you come from 211 different countries, of which here are the 15 most present:

United States

Germany 887,978
Japan 669,206
Canada 490,052
United Kingdom 457,137
Russia 448,992
China 389,587
France 287,108
Mexico 267,724
Brazil 240,235
Australia 231,620
Spain 207,532
Sweden 177,107
Netherlands 170,943
South Korea 152,450
Poland 147,680
Chile 135,773
Italy 126,752
Finland 110,145
Argentina 103,086

The 3 most visited posts are:

I wish us a very happy 2019 with more and more visitors, beautiful pictures and comments and likes.


  1. Thank you very much for all your efforts on this site and all the people who contribute and share. Have a great day.

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