Cecelia Massage Video

It is a brand new body model, the Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft4, with rather light measurements, a small D Cup breast and not too wide hips (94cm – 37 inches) and for its size, the beautiful has a very reasonable weight that does not exceed 80lbs (79lbs – 36Kg).

As this young woman, Cecelia, doesn’t like the cold, she decided to go to Bermuda and spend a few days relaxing. How about a little video massage ?

Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft4 D Cup Specifications

  • Breast: 86cm – 39 in
  • Underbust: 71cm – 28 in
  • D Cup
  • Waist: 62cm – 24.5 in
  • Hips: 94cm – 37 in
  • Weight: 36kg | 79 lbs


CECYLIA – 163 CM | 5′ 4″ – D CUP on SexDollGenie.com


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