Big Boobs Kristel

I have already introduced you to the Jarliet 166cm 5ft5 H Cup with Big Boobs Jen. Well today I introduce you to her cousin Kristel. The two share the same body, and for those who know me well, you know what I like about her: their big tits.

I love this body!!!!!…… The hips, the shape of the breasts and this little ass I like very much. I got a feedback from Sex Doll Canada, one of my partners who tells me a lot of good things about this factory (I leave you the comment below), but I wait for you to react and for those who have already bought their models to make their comments.
Well, I’m conquered….


Comment From Sex Doll Canada about Jarliet

Wanted to give you some feedback on them as we have just had a few of their dolls / orders come through our warehouse.
These dolls look great. They are professionally packed, dolls ship quickly, and factory photos are taken very meticulously. They are a great supplier with a great selection.
They also work very hard on their customer service and are constantly asking what they can do to improve.


Jarliet 166cm 5ft5 H Cup Measurements

  • Height: 166cm – 5ft5
  • Weight: 40kg – 88 lbs
  • H Cup
  • Bust: 99cm – 39in
  • Waist: 50.8cm – 20in
  • Hips: 86.4in – 34in

IMG_1480_2000x (1).jpg


Use RDA code “AFRDAX”


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