Sili Doll Special BF Suriwaai

Yes Guys, this is special BLACK FRIDAY LUXURY CUSTOM SURIWAAI™ 145 cm!!

I don’t know if there will be any left as I write these words. But SiliDoll is doing a great special operation for Black Friday Prepay with its Signature Series Custom Suriwaai in luxury version.
And the price is simply crazy since it’s less than $1,500 with an extra head!
I’ve already introduced you to the beautiful one in: Sili Doll New Signature Series
so if you’re interested, hurry up, there won’t be enough for everyone.

This special Black Friday Sex Doll (Suriwaai™ 145 cm signature series sex doll configuration is inspired by the “Girl Next Door” look – capturing the essence of a quiet and unassuming personality that belies a deep, hidden sensuality waiting to be unlocked. The kind of glamorous and sexy woman you’ve seen many times on her way home from community college, but only recently have you noticed that there may be more to her than you once thought…



Black Friday Sex Doll Suriwaai™ (145 cm) Luxury Edition

PrePay Black Friday: US$ 1499 only + 1 Free Extra Head (value US$380)! 


  • Weight: 57.5 lbs – 26 kg
  • Height: 145 cm
  • Bust: 32.3 in – 82 cm
  • Hips: 20.1 in – 51 cm
  • Waist: 31.5 in – 80 cm

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