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Emyth, Young Big boobs Elf

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Emyth is an elf, a Type A -136cm 4ft5 from Passion Dolls She just celebrated her 70th birthday, which makes her a very young adult. She must now assume her responsibilities and find a companion for life. It’s her destiny.

But Emyth is not like all the elves of her generation, she wants to live adventures, to know the pleasures of sex. She knows that she is beautiful and that she makes you want to.

She sees it well in the eyes of her friends. They more than once stared at her ass and breasts with a crazy desire to fuck her.


Specifications of Emyth 136cm 4ft5

  • Bust: 74cm – 29.1in
  • Waist: 40cm – 15.7in
  • Hip: 86cm – 33.8in
  • Weight: 28.5kg  – 62.8lbs
  • Height: 136cm – 4ft5



Emyth – Type A -136cm Love Doll Elf Special Price (with RDA100X code) : $1,289.95

Promo code is: RDA100X


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