Huge Boobs Naked Queen Salutes You On Video

Please greet the Queen Tianna.

The Queen of our kingdom is a YL Doll 146cm BBW. She’s not very tall, but she has the biggest breasts and the biggest ass in the whole Empire.

She has reigned as mistress for years and brings us joy and pleasure. The Queen Tianna loves her body, loves sex and shows us her shapes with desire. She is beautiful and we all want her.

We bow down to his butt!


146cm (4ft9′) Thickest Sex Dolls with Biggest Ass and Huge Breast – Becca

YL146cm – 4ft8 BBW Measurements

  • Height:146cm
  • Upper bust:108cm – 42.5in
  • Under bust:55cm – 21.7in
  • Waist:58cm – 20.3in
  • Hips:127cm – 50in
  • Weight:47kg –  103.6lbs.




4 thoughts on “Huge Boobs Naked Queen Salutes You On Video

  1. Beautiful doll. but … since I saw the b13 version, in my opinion the 146 has a defect that makes all the difference compared to the b13, it’s it’s arms and back, it’s much too thin compared to the rest of the body, while the B13 version has a nice back, certainly it has no arms so for comparison is a little complicated, but I think this version 146 would be much more beautiful, if it had arm and a beefier back. sorry for the translation(Google translate)


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